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Synonyms for bogeyman

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Synonyms for bogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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I mentioned the bogeyman on a local radio show years ago and listeners contacted me to say that they had either seen him or their parents had, and that the bizarre entity dated back to around 1950.
Almost every child can recollect scary stories about the bogeyman, who either lived under the bed or in the closet and taunted the minds of children whether asleep or awake when parents weren't around.
In apparent reference to the former Prime Minister, Ruto said Kenyans must be wary of 'politicians who use the Constitution as a bogeyman'.
Stalking the Bogeyman will open at Southwark Theatre on July 13.
"All storytellers embroider their tales." His tale is one of the island Foula, where a giant and a bogeyman quarrel until a young girl washes up on the shore.
Timothy Spall, below, and Victoria Wood have signed up to star in a new TV adaptation of Raymond Briggs' classic book Fungus The Bogeyman. Mr Turner star Spall will play the title role of Fungus, a Bogeyman who lives underground with his son Mould and has to frighten humans, known as "Dry Cleaners", in the Sky1 four-part drama, to be broadcast this Christmas.
SHAUN MURPHY beat another bogeyman in Berlin to reach his first German Masters final.
There was a bogeyman in the film that for years the American public has been conditioned against.
Who wrote the children's book Fungus The Bogeyman? 8.
There is a Digital Bogeyman knocking on the doors of the publishing industry.
London, Dec 19 ( ANI ): After being accused of conducting 'immoral tax practices' in Britain, Google's UK policy chief said that the firm is not "the bogeyman" of the web.
The real deal: the Bogeyman. He'll snatch away your children, blow up your hockey rinks and planes, decapitate your politicians, dump cyanide into your wells and eat your kittens, if given half a chance.
Adult Americans have their own bogeyman – those shadowy, poorly-understood, but powerful things that are out to get them.
She quite soon discovers that he has been stolen by a bogeyman and taken to a land beyond, but parallel, to the world we inhabit.