bog soil

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poorly drained soils on top of peat and under marsh or swamp vegetation

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Lot 8 Reference data collection assessing hydraulic conductivity and water-binding capacity in Anmooren and bogs and bog soils episode.
In alas bog soils of interfluve of Lena and Amga volume weight across the whole profile varies from 0.
After several weeks her research showed that sundews respond to mineral-poor bog soils by adjusting the amount of sticky mucilage on their leaves.
The degraded nature, rapid anthropogenic succession, and geographic isolation of the tamarack bogs in Indiana is such a potential hindrance to the natural establishment of these communities (with their unique genome) on newly exposed lakeshores and bog soils, that tamarack seedlings in the state are already a rare occurrence.
0] to total P ranged from 33% in anaerobic bog soils to [less than] 1% in the aerobic swamp and beaver meadow soils.