bog rosemary

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wiry evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers

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The findings show Wales could lose several plants, including the bog rosemary and dwarf willow.
In summer, they are a spectacular sight with the bright yellow flowers of bog asphodel, the pink flowers of cranberry and bog rosemary, and the jewel-like hummocks of multi-coloured mosses.
Rare plants like bog rosemary and bog asphodel are re-colonising, birds like snipe and curlew are spreading and dragonfly numbers are soaring.
Cardiganshire Bog rosemary (andromeda polifolia), with delicate pink bells and rosemary-like foliage, it flowers in late spring.
Wildlife: The hills are home to red grouse, merlin, hen harrier, mountain bumblebee, golden plover, large heath butterfly and plants such as bog rosemary and sundews, dwarf cornel and bog myrtle.
The mountain bogs are also home to rare plant species such as the cloudberry, a smaller relative of blackberry that bears orange coloured berries, and the bog rosemary, a small shrub that flowers in pink between May and June.
Britain could lose several plants including the bog rosemary and dwarf willow.
Scientists using sophisticated computer modelling predict some species, like the bog rosemary and dwarf willow are vulnerable, especially in the mountains of north Wales which, if pushed north, have literally nowhere left to go.
The choices were spotted rock-rose (Anglesey); cuckooflower (Brecknockshire); Snowdon lily (Caernarvonshire); wild leek (Cardiff); bog rosemary (Cardiganshire); whorled caraway (Carmarthenshire); limestone woundwort (Denbighshire); bell heather (Flintshire); yellow whitlow-grass (Glamorgan); Welsh poppy (Merioneth); foxglove (Monmouthshire); spiked speedwell (Montgomeryshire); thrift (Pembrokeshire); Radnor lily (Radnorshire).
A speciality of mid-west Wales, especially Cardiganshire, the delicate pink bells and rosemary-like foliage of bog rosemary never fail to enchant those lucky enough to find it during its brief flowering in late spring.
Amid the mosses grows bog rosemary, cranberry, bog asphodel and sundew.
Specialised plants adapted to this waterlogged wilderness include sponge-like sphagnum moss, sundew and bog rosemary.