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Through the photosynthesis, ombrotrophic bog plants take C from carbon dioxide (C[O.sub.2]) and thereby sequester C as the excess of vegetation production over decay (Chambers et al.
palustre, Rhododendron lapponicum, Chamaedaphne calyculata, and others (Jonasson 1989, Larsen 1982), which also casts doubt over the strict nutritional interpretation of the extended leaf longevity of many bog plants.
Across vast tracts of land in northern England, our members are re-wetting peat by blocking up thousands of kilometres of historic, ill-advised, agricultural drains, slowing and cleaning water, re-vegetating bare peat and reintroducing the king of bog plants, Sphagnum moss.
Coverage encompasses ferns and clubmosses, grasses, aquatic and bog plants, wildflowers, vines, shrubs, conifers and trees.
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Some are almost bog plants that need wet feet to survive from year to year.
Rare bog plants, such as black bog rush and great fen sedge, depend on the area's calcium-rich, acidicwaters, while the fens are home to threatened species such as the southern damselfly, geyer's whorl snail and marsh fritillary butterflies.
Thee include marginal plants, floaters, aquatic plants, oxygenators, and bog plants. Marginal plants live in shallow water and do well around the edges of ponds.
Bog plants like acidic soil, so line the hole with peat (sphagnum) moss and refill with a mixture of the excavated soil and other organic materials you have on hand (compost, pine needles.) Mound the soil somewhat to allow for settling.
All plants tested at Triangle Lake Bog possessed nitrogenase activity (NA), whereas 85 and 80% of the tested Herrick Fen and Fern Lake Bog plants, respectively, were active.
The work discussed below was initiated due to subtle, yet seemingly consistent, differences observed between similar-appearing bog plants and grassland plants, all of which were then referred to U.
Both of these occurrences stressed sphagnum, the bog's essential species, and other bog plants as they improved opportunities for invading species to take hold.
In Nova Scotia, dense growth of sphagnum moss and other bog plants have been known to form a dam across streams that drain valleys.
Alan gives viewers tips about where to site a pond and how to choose a style to fit the garden, and introduces the water plants, including unsociable lilies that live in the middle, the paddlers in the shallows and the colourful bog plants that enjoy the soggy soil at the sides.