bog moss

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any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat

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Percent gain in mass--averaged across all water sources--was nearly 20% higher for Tamarack Bog moss than Singer Lake moss (Figure 2B; Table 3).
By planting bog mosses in those upland areas, the ground may become more absorbent, reducing and slowing the volume of water that could potentially reach homes."
According to Professor Dickson, "Bog mosses were used as wound dressings right up until the Second World War.
"Water management, such as the restoration of a waterlogged surface, is vital for the bog mosses, sundews and other special wildlife features of Cors Fochno National Nature Reserve, in Borth.
Climate change brought higher rainfall creating near-perfect conditions for the bog mosses. This long process allowed the formation of today's Cors Caron.''
WHEN a qualified person puts forward plans that would improve flood defences then one really should take notice, however, when it is suggested that farmers plant bog mosses in upland areas as they 'may' become more absorbent, I lost faith in the other suggestion of planting buffer woods as well, just in case that may not work either.