bog down

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  • verb

Synonyms for bog down

get stuck while doing something

cause to get stuck as if in a mire

be unable to move further

cause to slow down or get stuck


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Besides, it doesn't bog down everyday," said Leonedo, the construction worker.
Now, any other production application that's trying to do I/Os to the remaining couple of hundred hard drives begins to just bog down; service times for users are impacted and, basically, it's an impact semi-failure situation for customers.
After reading The Treaty Trap and Power Through Subversion (both written by old friend Laurence Beilenson) in the 1970s, he developed the strategy that years hence would bog down the Soviets in Afghanistan, Angola, and Central America and roll back the frontiers of Communism.
"Sometimes teams aim for too much at once and bog down," says David Gorenc, business manager of Spartech's Muncie and Warsaw, Ind., plants.
"We were looking for a big reduction in the reactive, repetitive tasks that bog down our people," said Larry Peterson, Vice President, Corporate Technical Services, Gelco Information Network.
Understandably, critical writing about them tends to bog down in nif-spotting: Brecht, Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, Kippenberger, Rhoades, take your pick.
"We don't build anything into Advantage that is going to bog down the server.
But poor ones bog down. What if the best MS self-help groups across the country shared the practices that keep them healthy and effective?
Another concern is the possibility the financial status audits would bog down the audit process.