bog asphodel

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either of two herbaceous rushlike bog plants having small yellow flowers and grasslike leaves

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Plants include bog asphodel, lesser butterfly orchid, petty whin, seawort, bog pimpernel and many sedges and rushes, including two types of cotton grass.
In summer, they are a spectacular sight with the bright yellow flowers of bog asphodel, the pink flowers of cranberry and bog rosemary, and the jewel-like hummocks of multi-coloured mosses.
Paul showed me some of the more eye-catching wildflowers, such as marsh orchids and bog asphodel, which are thriving in the more open conditions created by the ponies.
But the new project will mean a boost for vegetation like bog asphodel, sphagnum mosses, sundews and many insects.
Rare plants like bog rosemary and bog asphodel are re-colonising, birds like snipe and curlew are spreading and dragonfly numbers are soaring.
He also collected samples of a third plant at Nant Llywd Farm, which he hopes to see established at Kew, the lily bog asphodel (Narthecium ossifragum).
Bracken control has improved the availability of grassland pasture and so reduced pressure on the heather, increasing the diversity of plant species, with blue gentian and bog asphodel becoming more prominent.
Amid the mosses grows bog rosemary, cranberry, bog asphodel and sundew.