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Synonyms for bog

Synonyms for bog

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

to interfere with the progress of

Synonyms for bog

wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation

cause to slow down or get stuck


get stuck while doing something

References in classic literature ?
So they made head against the wind as they best could; Hugh crushing the wet grass beneath his heavy tread, and stalking on after his ordinary savage fashion; John Willet following at arm's length, picking his steps, and looking about him, now for bogs and ditches, and now for such stray ghosts as might be wandering abroad, with looks of as much dismay and uneasiness as his immovable face was capable of expressing.
New York, May 3 (ANI): A wooden vessel containing bog butter, thought to be 5,000 years old, dating from the Iron Age, was found buried in an underground store in Ireland.
Crowds of spectators and 163 competitors from around the world, some in fancy dress, descended on Waen Rhydd Bog on the outskirts of Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, mid Wales.
Enveloped by 224 acres of forest, the bog has been home to hundreds of species of bacteria, algae, plants and animals.
They were of the view that the appointment of BoGs in colleges would directly affect the students, besides increase in the students' fees.
When winter blows icy cold from the north, Loren House floods his cranberry bogs with water from his small lake.
Bog iron forms when iron-rich waters" seeping from a bog are exposed to oxygenated air.
Nicola Eustace, from IBM, said: "We saw this challenge as a great way to help local children increase their awareness of the environment as well as to create a lovely new bog garden which children and bugs alike can enjoy.
In Maryland, where the species listed as threatened, bog turtles are known to occur in Cecil, Harford, Baltimore, and Carroll counties.
The Red Carpet Bog exhibit, in the central courtyard of the center, is free and open to the public from 9 a.
In addition, the plant material in a bog slowly releases another natural preservative: acids called tannins, or the same chemicals used to tan leather and make it durable.
Biologists have travelled into the bog to determine flora and fauna risk factors.
The terms acrotelm and catotelm (Ingram 1978) describe the 2 layers of the bog in terms of hydrologic function (Fig.
En 1980, la tourbiere n'etait plus qu'un vestige pres de disparaitre, peu comprise et encore moins valorisee, jusqu'a ce qu'un petit groupe de benevoles, la Camosun Bog Restoration Society, commence a reparer les ravages des 75 dernieres annees.
The project%s principal task Degesiu swamp establish and maintain the hydrological regime to ensure the functioning of the bog close to natural, to comply with environmental requirements, and would hydrological conditions appropriate to regenerate bogs and wetland forest habitats degraded bog area sterva nature reserve.