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a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

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Us boffs pursue a different regime, with older, wiser eyes, Not WAG worshippers who fake tan, pose and moisturise, We are thirsty to learn, we are starving for kindness, Receiving only brutal petty hate from the mindless.
Information scientists are generally involved in helping formulate policies and are often wheeled on as honorary boffs to sit on and advise committees.
Meticulously researched, it provides the social analysis supporting Boffs contention that economic systems are killing both poor people and the planet.
Leonardo Boff, having earned his doctorate in Munich, Germany, writes from his native Brazil, where he serves as national adviser to base communities.
Cobb, among others, Boff provides a compelling introduction to some of the most salient environmental concerns.
97) If Boffs trust seems a bit excessive, at least it serves as a corrective to the top-heavy manner in which missions have thus far dealt with indigenous experience.
92) Boffs understanding of adaptation differs from that of most missiologists; here he clearly means what they mean by inculturation.
There are thrills and spills and biffs and boffs, but rather than the reds and greens of the comic, the film, directed by Tim Burton, is tinged with blue.