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Synonyms for boffo

a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

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Words related to boffo

resoundingly successful and popular

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Bolstering My Bebe Love's already boffo star value is the participation of Yaya Dub's TV lolas and Ryzza Mae Dizon.
In September, Boffo orchestrated a pop-up featuring Nicola Formichetti, a designer who frequently works with Lady Gaga, and Gage/Clemenceau Architects.
Il Giornale alleged Mr Boffo had been involved in a court case with homosexual overtones.
Il Giornale yesterday continued with its campaign to expose Boffo as a homosexual with a police record.
COINCIDENCE that Bradley Walsh arrived on Coronation Street in the same week as Boffo The Clown?
This may not sound like boffo material, but genetic-engineering-policy specialist Michael Rodemeyer knows his crowd.
"Business is boffo," said Joe Polonsky, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Dioni.
Boffo mezzo Cecilia Bartoli along with countertenors David Daniels and Daniel Taylor lead a terrific cast.
The cats, Boffo and Zippy, are not above such antics, either.
It's an hour-long sonic roller-coaster ride into next century's rock-and-roll hall of fame, with groups such as the Subconscious Can Can Cult, Boffo Santana-Jones, and Strapfkernerator, the boys from Norway who weld industrial sound to classical.
Boffo! Helping the poor and oppressed by banishing their products from our shelves!
It was a banner day for Netflix, with its shares rising 13.5% to $183.60 on boffo subscriber gains during Q2.
A number of Lamborghini owners across the Kingdom and founding club members attended the event, along with the Italian Ambassador Mario Boffo and Lamborghini Area Sales Manager Francesco Cresci.
When "Ikaw Lamang" was revving up for its final week of telecasts, viewers were being primed for a big, boffo and truly megamelodramatic, even "operatic" finale.
The results were more stinker than boffo and the Oscars were no kinder than the auds, with a single production design nomination for the film that turned out to a "spectacle" as predicted in the film's Variety ad, just not the kind anyone was hoping for.