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Synonyms for boffo

a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

Words related to boffo

resoundingly successful and popular

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3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BOFFO is proud to announce "Perrier Presents: The Black Lords" www.
In September, Boffo orchestrated a pop-up featuring Nicola Formichetti, a designer who frequently works with Lady Gaga, and Gage/Clemenceau Architects.
Il Giornale alleged Mr Boffo had been involved in a court case with homosexual overtones.
Il Giornale yesterday continued with its campaign to expose Boffo as a homosexual with a police record.
Italian ambassador Mario Boffo said that this project will be a highly technological system using microwave radiation telecommunication.
A headline in Le Temps' arts section: "Beze's Abraham Still Slays 'Em at the Box Office" or "Beze Still Boffo at the BO"?
Captain Jack and his rag-tag band of pirate buddies are back, with the third Pirates of the Caribbean film set to bag boffo box-office booty and prove to be one of biggest doses of summer entertainment.
From budget concerns to anticipating changes in audience tastes, BOFFO covers pitfalls as well as successes and is a 'must' for any film director, producer, or Hollywood wannabe.
The show is smart with heart and manages to be as brilliantly awful as a John Waters inspiration needs to be and as brilliantly boffo as a Broadway musical must be all at the Same time.
This may not sound like boffo material, but genetic-engineering-policy specialist Michael Rodemeyer knows his crowd.
With generous funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and boffo promotion from the media elite, Kinsey's 1948 report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, became a worldwide sensation and Kinsey became the undisputed authority on human sexuality.
TIPS is so boffo that quality stand-ups and satirists can't make a crack on it.
In this book you can See Boffo Bees, read Diana Bruno on Urban Aid, Stack Cats, and ponder Was It a Car or a Cat I Saw, and many more.
They're prepared to back risky proposals if there is an opportunity for a boffo payoff.
The cats, Boffo and Zippy, are not above such antics, either.