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a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

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Boff s experience also includes CMO at NBC s iVillage as well as key marketing roles at Citigroup, the American Museum of Natural History and several large media and marketing agencies.
Media Contact: Rachelle Boff, Saratoga Chips, 518-244-8920, rboff@originalsaratogachips.
Boff denied that liberation theology ever regarded Soviet-type socialism as a model.
Avoiding theological and philosophical language, Leonardo Boff in 119 pages poetically and prophetically articulates the essence of Christianity and his sixty books.
Jonathan Boff exhaustively analyzes available war diaries of both the British Third and the German Second and Seventeenth Armies to the Corps, Division, and sometimes Brigade level to understand the complexities of tactical result.
Boff, a leading figure in liberation theology who studied under the pope when he was still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, said 85-year-old Benedict XVI has been a "very controversial and complicated" figure.
Newham Police have closed 80 brothels in the last 18 months, according to a paper written by Andrew Boff, a member of the London Assembly spokesman for the Conservative group on the Olympics.
Linda Boff, GE's executive director of global digital marketing, Chris Wong, vice president, marketing transformation at IBM, and Michael Metz, senior director of web marketing and strategy at Cisco, each detail the role of lead nurturing in their organizations' growth plans, their current progress and how they measure results.
Among those he interviews are Swami Bhaskarananda, Leonarado Boff, Peter H.
Roland Boff, Chief Executive Officer of SECB: "With the experience gained with the processing of SEPA Credit Transfers through Equens it has been a logical step for us to extend our relationship towards the processing of SDD.
Sex and Docks & Rock 'n' Roll, by Boff Whalley, is set in 1960s Liverpool.
In the first division, Erimus B ladies Toni Lee Bowstead and Angie Bird had a great doubles win over John Fagan and Boff Stewart from the Broadway.
Local interest in a new Walthamstow Stadium has also been raised via the Waltham Forest Guardian, which today has also revealed June 30 as the date for the Morton/L&Q meeting, and reported on the Mayor's responses to questions posed by London Assembly member Andrew Boff.
At least 150 people were still queuing when the polls closed, according to Andrew Boff, Conservative mayoral candidate, and the number unable to vote could have been double that, as some had given up in the face of the queues.
A unique book that blends spirituality, environmentalism, and other elements, Mark Hathaway and Leonardo Boff do well in providing much in the way of their philosophy and ideas for a better Earth tomorrow.