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Synonyms for boff

a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

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Wriggly Jiggly Giggle Boff Upchuck Bubby Cooch Yaps Guffaw THE TOP 10 FUNNIEST Puffball
The potential for more than 10,000 homes in west London has been lost due to new regulations inthe Mayor's London Plan, Assembly member Andrew Boff has claimed.
Gabriely Koerich Souza (1,*), Tiago Georg Pikart (2), Viviane Lunelli de Oliveira (1), Pedro Boff (3), and Mari Ines Carissimi Boff (1)
Pope Francis may soon fulfill the Brazilian bishops' special request to allow married priests to resume their priestly ministry, liberation theologian Leonardo Boff said in a Dec.
The other players for the champions are: vice captain John Fagan, John Shaw, Marcus Richardson, Duncan Mackay, Danny Worthy, Robbie Hodge, Ian BOFF Stewart, Tony Turnbull, Chris Ayton, Carl Richarson and Paul Boden.
GE is undertaking a massive transformation to be a digital industrial company, focusing on the "internet of really big things." In this episode, CMO Linda Boff shares GE's story and explains digital transformation at this American corporate icon.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 9, 2016-GE names Linda Boff, Patrick Brown and Steve Meszaros as new company officers
Andrew Boff, the Conservative leader on the Greater London assembly, said the strategy had been a mistake and could damage relations with the Muslim community.
The party has unveiled a four-man shortlist for the contest to succeed Boris Johnson next year, with favourite Zac Goldsmith taking on Andrew Boff, Syed Kamal and Stephen Greenhalgh.
Boff, a theologian in Brazil who spent thirty years in the Franciscan order, considers the connections between Pope Francis and Francis of Assisi in terms of poverty, simplicity, humility, kinship with all of humanity, and ecological awareness.