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ride the crest of a wave without a surfboard

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You see the bodysurfing and it only takes one person to get critically injured and the buck stops with the club.
It offers everything from big, splashy rapids to calm stretches where you can get into other activities such as bodysurfing or simply dive in for a swim.
At Paradise there were several lesbians paddle-boarding, families in pontoon boats and power boats, straight couples learning to sail, crazy middle-aged couples riding Jet Skis (ahem, that was us), and many other people, even kids, kayaking, bodysurfing, swimming, and snorkeling.
He played for a year, but then severely injured a shoulder, not on the gridiron but bodysurfing at Newport Beach.
The things that he misses most about growing up in Hawaii is bodysurfing and eating shaved ice, he said.
Bodysurfing, diving, paddling, or just wading along the shore renewed me in ways nothing else ever could.
In July 2007 Aura Estrada, a promising Mexican writer studying in New York, sustained fatal neck injuries from bodysurfing off the Pacific coast of Mexico.
Ironically, the trio of Milholland, Moser, and Thiel all recount their encounters with surfing with a distinctively, uh, haole point of view--from Captain Cook to UH swim team bodysurfing gremmies at Panics or Pipeline.
He was an active sportsman, swimming and bodysurfing in the Pacific, and playing tennis until his knees told him to stop.
It's a natural radiance befitting a man who spent his childhood bodysurfing on the beaches of Hawaii.
But while insights like these ground the book, Helvarg is more storyteller than scientist, and his book swings from snippets of his childhood adventures in swamps in Queens, New York, to his move, at age 20, to San Diego, California, where he took up bodysurfing and antiwar activism.
She and her sister Christy had a close relationship and spent most of their days bodysurfing in the Pacific and trying to avoid their brother's tricks and their father's harsh punishments.
While bodysurfing, he took on a 13-foot wave that overwhelmed him and smashed his body into the coral.
The students mentioned such things as swimming, riding in a boat, fishing, surf ing and bodysurfing.
This past summer, as Obama was bodysurfing at Sandy Beach in Hawai'i, ABC pundit Cokie Roberts said his vacation to that "foreign" place made him seem "a little bit more exotic than he perhaps would want to come across." But days later, new census projections were released showing that the U.S.