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ride the crest of a wave without a surfboard

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On this side it was bodysurfer heaven once you got over the salty fishy smell and didn't mind the thought of sharks.
Plus he was a good bodysurfer and was respected by most.
We took turns and, if a bodysurfer had the wave, the board rider gave it up.
John developed a special technique of sitting a little more outside of a break and paddling straight to where a bodysurfer would want to be.
Unless it was a crazy big twelve-foot day then you saw a handful of guys, excellent bodysurfers and crazy guys.
Sandys still puts plenty of good bodysurfers into the hospital.
Pretty soon Lester Ho and most of the other bodysurfers paddled away.
Scott said to the surfer, Look, bruddah, this spot is for bodysurfers.
With no rocks to worry about guys made Panics just another surfing spot on the south shore of O'ahu, only with a bunch of bodysurfers around.
The Aussies took turns with the local bodysurfers and continued to complain about the smell in the water.
During our visit, however, the bodysurfers were having nothing to do with the big stuff.
In summer, the crashing waves calm down to make the water welcoming for beginning bodysurfers.
Mandalay Bay: The theme will be Polynesian, accented by an 11-acre water park that will include a sandy beach and a wave-making machine that figures to attract bodysurfers.
The gentle surf gives bodysurfers an occasional ride but is kind to swimmers and leisurely snorkelers as well.
Nearby Sandy Beach is favored by experienced local bodysurfers who know when (and how) to turn into a wave.