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Synonyms for bodyless

having no trunk or main part


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Hooks (1994) discusses how patriarchal norms of the bodyless, asexual teacher limits our capacity to engage our students wholly.
The lexical field of reproduction points to a liquid abundance hard to encompass ("the bodyless fecundmellow voices") and subverts words of their literal meaning: "primogenitor," literally and etymologically referring to a single male ancestor becomes feminized and diffuse ("Wet primogenitive female").
1490, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh), are a curious amalgam of the volumetric and the bodyless.
Bodyless icon from the '80s who, along with other first-generation arcade classics such as Defender, Asteroids and Dig Dug, is staging a mini-comeback on PCs.
CALSTART was conducting a rollout--the auto industry's version of a fashion show--of its new bodyless electric car chassis that entrepreneurs can build on to make a range of finished cars.
The one who was bodyless, of vicious temper, but literate, and who, in a special numinous stunt, appeared to Moses as a burning bush which does not incinerate, giving him ten rather than some other number of commandments, is a very specific cultural and historical specimen.