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Synonyms for bodyguard

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Synonyms for bodyguard

a group of men who escort and protect some important person

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"And since I may not have the Whiskers Friskers or my Bodyguard, you might ask Glinda to let me take away just two or three of these jugglers.
'Don't distress yourself by recollecting it, ma'am,' said the bodyguard.
'Hush, hush, ma'am; pray keep yourself quiet,' replied the bodyguard. 'I dare say he will, if you wish it, ma'am.'
Amarkhel said there would be no problem if the Ministry of Interior authorized giving policemen to serve as guards for politicians, but the police headquarters could not spare more than one policeman to serve as bodyguard.
November 26, 2013 (RUMBEK) - Authorities in Lakes state's Rumbek Central county said a bodyguard employed by the ministry of information and communication had been shot dead by an unknown gunman on Monday.
The former Governor of Syunik region Suren Khachatryann asked for a bodyguard, and now he travels with one; the
The booking period of the Bodyguard musical has been extended for further five months, till 28th September 2013.
Course organiser Ian Carvell, who used to Princess Diana's bodyguard, said: "It's great to have Joe on board.
Kevin Costner reveals that at the time of her death he was in talks with Princess Diana about giving her a role in a sequel to hit movie The Bodyguard.
The Only Fools And Horses star takes the lead role in new six-part series The Royal Bodyguard, playing the hapless Captain Guy Hubble who, after a blunder of his own making, is promoted to be the Queen's private bodyguard.
Smith & Wesson has two new polymer pistols, the Bodyguard 38 revolver chambered for .38 Special +P and the Bodyguard 380 subcompact semiauto in .380 ACP.
So if someone is interested in becoming a Bodyguard or knows of someone who could be a perfect fit in the program, give Positive Directions a call at 316-263-2214 and set up an interview or e-mail or for more information.
Family firm Bodyguard Workwear has opened a new safety superstore in Birmingham after securing funding.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-19 July 2010-Red Oxygen to provide technology for use with Silent Bodyguard mobile app(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS