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someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature

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Rob, who has lived in Huddersfield since the age of four, has been training as a bodybuilder for five years, and taking part in competitions for the last two.
Desana Krajcikova, mum of Slovakian born Gajdos, told Avon coroner's court: "He was a very keen bodybuilder with aspirations to become the new Rock - he will never reach that height now.
Neil, who used to compete as a professional bodybuilder himself before turning to coaching, said: "I used to compete until I damaged my knee and it was a huge psychological blow to me.
Therefore, the definition provided by Parish, Baghurst, and Turner (2010), that "a bodybuilder is an individual who trains with weights on a regular and frequent basis in order to achieve high levels of muscularity and leanness for the primary purpose of competing" (p.
As a bodybuilder myself, I have an insider's view of what judges are looking for," says Dr.
To keep up with her regimen, she went to the local gym, Hanuman Vyayamshala, where owner Rajesh Angad was astounded to see her perform the same routines as male bodybuilders.
Cooperation between Scania and Boshen started in 2000 and the bus bodybuilder has now selected Scania as its only European long-term partner.
The International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Middle East Championship held at the Sheraton Hotel in JBR on Saturday saw more than 30 male and female bodybuilders from across the world compete in a range of categories.
It's not a case of going into the classroom and telling the children I'm a bodybuilder.
Salman, 24 from Raiwind Lahore, is a natural bodybuilder athlete and spokesman for sports fitness and healthy lifestyle.
A packaged programme was featured during the final show, including special muscle show by chief guests Sami Al Haddad and Hussain Jassim, as well as international bodybuilder Sayed Hameed Juma.
Summary: The Kurdish bodybuilder from Zakho town, Nazeer Ali Abdi, is currently undergoing intensive training sessions preparing for the World Bodybuilding championship which is planned to be held in Greece in June.
American bodybuilder Phil Heath, who is the reigning Mr Olympia amongst professional bodybuilders, was also on hand last night and he addressed the crowd, promising to come back to the kingdom for future events.
The mystery girl, who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping, has been identified as Tatiana Neves Barbosa alias Tati, 26, who is a bodybuilder and actress.