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ride the crest of a wave without a surfboard

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Carolyn was taking part in the canyoning section, where contestants don wetsuits and crash hats and try to wade, swim and body-surf through the raging torrent.
Back at the hotel, we booked a trip to Zoomarine in Guia where we watched dolphins perform amazing feats, body-surfed on man-made waves in the pool and took in a daring pirate show.
The three men are now said to have "body-surfed" through the shark-infested waters of San Francisco Bay behind a ferry then disappeared, never to be seen again.
Well, I've body-surfed in Hawaii, worked a cattle ranch in Utah, shopped on the Ginza in Tokyo, motorcycled in Wales, sipped cool drinks on a Mexican veranda, watched whales off the Big Sur coast, walked the Tower of London, and gloried in a sunset on the Gulf of Siam--and guess what?
I played in it, body-surfed, fought the undertow, was tumbled until I was breathless and not sure which way was up.
Then Iggy body-surfed across the crowd before inviting fans to invade the stage to join him during The Passenger.
At one point, he body-surfed over 150 specially-invited guests - including Record man John Dingwall.