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the weight of a person's body

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The researchers found that students gained body weight and fat during the year, as well as body mass index (BMI).
(2009) predicted live body weight by means of some morphological traits i at weaning period.
Additionally, it was found that the higher a patient's BMI and fat mass and the lower their lean body weight, the more time they spent in the intensive care unit (ICU).
In this study, path analysis was used to determine the main effects of morphological traits on the total body weight of the buried clams Meretrix meretrix and Cyclina sinensis for systematic and selective breeding.
The measuring tape method uses body measurements such as heart girth (HG), diagonal body length (DBL) and/or body height which are regressed against the formula to estimate live body weight (BW) in most species of livestock (Otte et al., 1992; Tariq et al., 2013; Siddiqui et al., 2015).
Researchers found that PFASs -- also known as "obesogens" because they interfere with body weight regulation -- were linked to a slower resting metabolic rate.
The weight of the heart was 279.2 [+ or -] 44.9 gin males and 268.4 [+ or -] 64.2 g in the female population representing 0.48% and 0.47% of body weight, respectively (Tables 1 and 3).
Four randomized separate running sessions at different unweighted conditions (40, 60, 85, and 100% of normal body weight) were conducted: 1) running on a normal treadmill 100% (Trackmaster TMX425C, Full Vision Inc., Drive Newton, KS); 2) running on LBPP treadmill (Alter-G[TM] #F320) at 85% of normal body weight (15% less than normal body weight); 3) running on LBPP treadmill at 60% of normal body weight (40% less than normal body weight); and 4) running on LBPP treadmill at 40% of normal body weight (60% less than normal body weight).
Results: There was a prolong duration of action in experimental group (real body weight group) 69.64 3.11 minute versus 46.33 2.77 minute in control group (ideal body weight group) which suggests that dose of atracurium should be calculated and given on basis of ideal body weight in obese.
It has been reported that birth weight and yearling body weight are major tools in the selection for future breeding plans and policies.
Its popularity has led to many people ditching their gym memberships in favour of bootcamps, body weight fitness classes or training themselves at home.
The BSQ analysis was supplemented by the indirect perception of the athletes' body weight. Anthropometric measurements were performed on all the subjects based on the ISAK standardization, obtaining the body composition of the athletes.
Fifty castrated Santa Ines male lambs with an average body weight of 20 [+ or -] 1.8 kg and four months of age ([+ or -] 0.34) were used in the experiment.
The aim of the present study was to compare egg quality traits (egg weight, shell thickness, yolk index, Haugh unit score and the incidence of meat and blood spots) in a population of Japanese quail being selected for higher three week body weight by applying mass (MS) and pedigree based selection (PS) procedures along with running a random-bred control (RBC) group for three generations.