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a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles)

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Wior's stylish, figure-flattering body suit incorporates some of the most successful design elements that made her patented "Slimsuit" swimwear line over the past 15 years one of the most sought-after with women around the world.
However, the screenplay does occasionally acknowledge its pantomime campness and teenage boys will doubtless be purrrfectly happy to watch Oscar-winner Halle Berry cavort around in an S&M-like PVC body suit.
Dressed in a red and black PVC body suit which left little to the imagination, the former child star wowed the sell-out crowd with five songs.
Lorraine said: "The tricycle will help to build up her muscles in her legs and the body suit will help her posture.
Ben Stiller's presenting the best visual effects Oscar clad in a green body suit and purportedly not realizing his ``special effect'' was being botched was a little cringe-worthy; in fact, the biggest laugh in the bit came from Steven Spielberg's grimace from the seats.
Six years ago, FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) went deep, deep undercover, donning a body suit and floral tent dresses to impersonate a buxom septuagenarian and capture a bank robber.
And when you're dressed in a pink allinone body suit like some crazed Freddie Mercury tribute act, it's pretty hard to look glum, but `Camp Man' Fed managed it.
Paltrow didn't actually have to pile on the pounds in the name of art, instead she endured three hours of demanding make-up when the body suit was applied.
Lindsey, played by actress Claire Sweeney, swaps her trademark overall for a leather body suit and thigh- length boots when she takes a break from her job in Mick's fish and chip shop.
Tracking the human body in real-time without a body suit has been a major quest at leading universities and research centers, but up to this point has produced only limited results for commercial systems," said James Oliverio, Director of Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida.
In Annabel Arden's production Michael is shrouded from head to toe in a hairy body suit and mask.
Perry, on other hand, wore black gladiator-style gown on the red carpet and chose a nude body suit with sparkly crotch and giant butterfly wings for her appearance on stage.
THIS is the new body suit that helps women hide their flabby bingo wing arms.
Every contestant in the house was dressed in a metallic body suit and fitted with a device that provided an electric shock each time the duo failed.
But The Heater Body Suit is probably the best example of that.