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They should be worn when hands might/will be in contact with mucous membranes, nonintact skin and/or moist body substances or items/surfaces soiled with them.
These policies required glove use when contact with mucous membranes, nonintact skin, or any moist body substance was anticipated.
Our community hospital, which had formerly followed category-specific isolation as formulated by the Centers for Disease Control, adopted body substance isolation (BSI) in 1988.3 At that time we decided to review our procedures with an eye to preventing the transmission of RSV in the hospital setting, restricting the potential exposure of our employees and family members to the drug used to combat it, and making the handling and testing of laboratory specimens safer.
Body substance isolation (BSI), a system incorporating universal precautions, was developed by two infection control practitioners, Marguerite M.
Myiasis is the infestation of living humans or animals with larvae of dipteran flies, which at least for a certain period feed on the host's dead or living tissues, body substances or ingested foods.
It also contains harmful " free radicals" which damage body substances such as lipids, proteins, DNA and carbohydrates by a process called oxidation.
Anthropologists cite eating, living and sleeping together, sharing certain body substances, and working together as processes capable of transforming people into what we call kin, or family.
Disease can occur through fecal contamination (salmonellosis, shigellosis, hepatitis A and giardiasis), indirect contact with respiratory secretions (influenza) or contact with individuals whose hands are contaminated with urine, saliva or other body substances (cytomegalovirus, typhoid, staphylococcal organisms and Epstein-Barr virus).
Studies on crustaceans and other planktonic organisms have shown that the preservation with formaldehyde generally results in weight loss caused by the leaching of body substances into the surroundig fixation fluid (Hopkins, 1968; Morris, 1972).
Prostaglandins are natural body substances that promote inflammation, uterine contractions, and pain, and are thought to be linked to endometriosis.
Protective apparel is a type of PPE and should be worn to prevent contamination of street clothing and to protect the skin of DHCP from exposures to blood and body substances. (1-3,6)
It is environmentally safe, using economical steam disinfection rather than harmful chemicals The Tornado helps facilities meet OSHA requirements to isolate staff from exposure to hazardous body substances, including feces and urine.
Routine use of standard isolation procedures for body substances also is advisable, he added.