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In addition to the application of the ACE body structure, Honda will take the following actions:
For crash analysis, high stress strain rate data were incorporated for all body structure parts, and that all body structure parts were assessed on the basis of manufacturing feasibility.
According to Gail Misek, director of Body Structure Engineering For the 2003 CT5, the material "has provided the single most significant impact From an acoustic perspective.
Ford's new Focus uses high strength steel for both the body structure and exterior body panels.
Standard safety equipment on all 2015 Honda models includes ACE(TM) body structure, Vehicle Stability Assist(TM) (VSA) with traction control; an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS); side curtain airbags; dual-stage, multiple-threshold front airbags; and front side airbags.
Sixty-four percent of the CT6 body structure is aluminum, including all exterior body panels, and the mixed material approach saved 198 lbs.
The next-generation ACE body structure is designed to improve frontal crash energy management through a wider range of offset and oblique collision modes.
The simplified experimental techniques used in this paper are applied to experimental, modified vehicles, therefore the results achieved during the experiment may be used for analysis only as providing a potential behavior of the body structure of a modified car in certain situations that might arise during the operation.
We are very pleased that Moscow and St Petersburg have selected buses from VOLGABUS with our innovative aluminium EcoRange(R) body structure system," said Paul Warton, president Alcan Extrusions and Automotive Structures.
IPS combines a body structure optimised for strength and crashworthinesswith the latest restraint equipment plus driver aids thatmaintain control of the car and features that lessen the likelihood of injuries in an impact.
Different bees produce different frequencies of sound based in part on the make-up of their body structure.
To reduce weight, the Concept-RA features a new body structure using an aluminium space frame with the outer panels and bumpers made from high impactresistant and easily-recyclable plastic resin.
To utilize this technology, says Stefan Schmidgall, HBPO's R & D director, OEMs must utilize an "open" body structure (i.
The car also uses Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, which is designed to minimise the effects of a frontal crash by dispersing energy through the structure.
Bruce is having a lot of success with his weight and body structure, and I figure I'm not too far from him,'' Anyanwu said.