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What's interesting is their revolutionary CFRP, or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic body structures. BMW has cracked a method of using carbon fibre without making the car unaffordable to a mass market.
"We've devoted many hours to analysing and developing the body structure, safety belts and air bags of Escape and Mariner for better performance in front and side impact crashes," said Steve Kozak, chief engineer for safety systems, Ford Motor Company.
According to Jim Fusco, chief engineer, Body Design/Safety, there was extensive computer-aided engineering deployed in developing the body structure (yes, it has the Honda Advance Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body for crash energy management and to assure that the SUV won't over-ride smaller vehicles in the event of a front-end collision).
of Illinois) addresses the history of canine domestication, selective breeding, body structure, reproduction, genetics, benefits and responsibilities of the owner, developmental behavior and learning processes, common behavior problems, infectious diseases and noninfectious disorders, parasites, first aid, nutrition, and nutritiously responsive disorders.
Weight savings from a well-designed aluminum body structure allow designers to build lighter cars at current sizes or larger cars at standard automobile weights.
Mondeo's comprehensive and integrated safety package offers world class crash energy management in the main body structure.
I literally changed her body structure. Not everyone can take that kind of pressure, but Greta did without a sign of temperament.
It offers high-strength steel within the body structure and aluminium for various body panels, including the roof.
The car also uses Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, which is designed to minimise the effects of a frontal crash by dispersing energy through the structure.
(Like the Malibus, incidentally, the Aura is built at the Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, KS.) What's key to note is that the experience with the previous models has paid off, and the body structure, deploying high-strength steel, a magnesium cross-car beam, reinforcements for the rockers, and the like contribute to a stiffness and solidity, key for a sport-like ride.
Analyses of ichthyosaur fossils are shedding new light not only on their body structure, but also on what they ate and how they may have homed in on their prey.
The center's unique heavy-duty body structure combines both linear and box ways for speed and rigidity.
"If you don't have a complete understanding of how to work, you're not ready for pointe." Specifically, Miller assesses a student's readiness based on her technical level and muscular strength; body structure ("some feet are just not made to ever go on pointe"); and attitude.
Each metric space-frame body structure uses geometric dimensioning to hold key coordination points, maintaining a 1-mm cross-body tolerance.