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a one-piece tight-fitting undergarment for women that covers the torso (and may have sleeves and legs)

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But during the press con, my manager insisted that I take the body stockings off.
We also continue our search for best deals available for international designer lingerie, sexy costumes and body stockings to offer the best deals for our customers.
For those who wonder whether Russian and Lithuanian women have similar lingerie preferences, the entrepreneur has a disappointing response, claiming that "Russian women prefer bright color bras, corsets and body stockings, while Lithuanian women prefer neutral and pastel colors.
Last, but not least, cheat and buy a pair of magic knickers (Carol Vorderman has admitted wearing one of those knee to chest body stockings when she's in a tight dress) because all the celebrities wear them.
Somehow, I don't think they'd be into fishnet crotchless body stockings and sex toys like the deluxe Rampant Rabbit.
3 -- 7 -- color) The Winter Olympics' ceremony Friday night was full of the usual pomp and circumstance, but also had a unique flair, with rollerbladers in red body stockings, fake cows on rollers and dancing trees.
Yes, there are the icons of fashion to testify to these changes: Chanel, Karan and others--but also fine photos capturing styles ranging from body stockings to military and cocktail dress; all contained in an excellent overview blending visuals with a running commentary on fashion's influence.
But unlike Lady Godiva -- who rode naked -- Jean, 40, from Brynsiencyn, Carl, 25 from Bangor and Katie, 30 from Dwyran, preserved their modesty with body stockings.
They star the members of the group, concealed in kookily glamorous allover body stockings.
Also included in the auction are the Cowardly Lion's Oz costume, a Rolls- Royce from the James Bond classic Goldfinger and Christopher Reeve's Superman capes and body stockings.
Here, although simply dressed in body stockings, they provide much of the visual interest.
While shooting the movie, the RVM Sisters of my school required me to wear body stockings since the Darna costume is so sexy.
To this we have a mixture of cleverly choreographed and exquisitely executed dance pieces as the all-female Cholmondeleys and the all-male Featherstonehaughs don odd garb over their body stockings to indulge us in an androgynous feast of movement.
In a subtle reference to the past, the designers have borrowed denim overalls and tight body stockings from the 1980s, while elegant little suits with tulip skirts and jackets with three-quarter-length sleeves seem to come out of a 1950s Hollywood film.
Some of the models wore body stockings to hide the raunchy substance of the photographs.