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a one-piece tight-fitting undergarment for women that covers the torso (and may have sleeves and legs)

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"That's disgusting," said a man in a tuxedo holding a ukulele, seeing Keith in the body stocking. Keith asked a woman in a cowgirl outfit if the winner of the competition received a contract, but she ignored him.
CHER gave a nod to her past with a tattoo body stocking and red leather number during a gig at the turn of the century.
She performed in a white body stocking, sat on judge Louis Walsh's lap and chased judge Gary Barlow through the audience.
The tabloid favourite stretched out on a faux fur rug in a transparent body stocking to launch the new fragrance but she was significantly more coy in the interviews.
Save the body stocking look for P!nk's stage show, please.
Now in a glittery, flesh-coloured body stocking he churned out a string of hits, Brother and Sister, The Circus and Breathe.
Jean Metcalfe donned a body stocking for her Lady Godiva ride in Newborough forest in protest at the felling of trees Picture: RICHARD WILLIAMS
'I wore combats and a vest top, which is a relief as I thought I might have had to wear a nude-coloured body stocking,' Samia said.
For instance, Foster's much discussed Swiss Re building, likened by many to a gherkin, is actually like nothing so much as a fat banker in a latticed body stocking. It is not an urban shape.
Doubling as the virile Oberon in a skin-tight body stocking of sorts, Cole skirts the Machiavellian approach to offer a somewhat dullish and indifferent woodland monarch.
"Thora Hird in a body stocking accompanied by Brian Blessed, because he makes a heck of a noise."
Stockings and body stocking are also expected to witness extensive uptake in the hosiery market, with the former segment expected to serve greater revenue by the end of 2022.
RACY IN LACE: Selena in body stocking as both she and Harry stick to black
The "Born This Way" singer made her appearance in a see through body stocking at the Roseland Ballroom Theater, New York, on Thursday.