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Synonyms for sense

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for sense

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

the condition of being aware

the faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge

the ability to make sensible decisions

what is sound or reasonable

to be intuitively aware of

to view in a certain way

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Synonyms for sense

the meaning of a word or expression

a natural appreciation or ability

perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles


detect some circumstance or entity automatically

become aware of not through the senses but instinctively

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A comprehensive program, entitled Teach Us Body Sense (TUBS), was developed to integrate health education into the curriculum.
a loss of body sense"), insufficient support for residents experiencing paroxysmal coughing, and odor from incontinence and urinary drainage that has passed through the filter sheet into the beads.
"Here visual, vestibular and body sense cues are aligned and the brain can make use of this redundant information to maintain optimal perception and action, particularly when information from one sense is poor or lost," he said.
It shows a body sense that is always intersubjective.
The apparent basis for this claim is the datum that sometimes judgments about one's position based on body sense are immune to errors of misidentification.
"A little of your favourite food can set off emotional and chemical reactions in your body that can temporarily make you feel calm," says Brenda Crawford-Clark, author of Body Sense (Beyond Words, pounds 12.99).
Stretching refines that focus - it can bring you closer still to what's going on in there, to a deeper, stronger body sense. Suppleness is also key to good sex, and stretching is the best way to gain it.
When your skin gets exposed for too long, the body senses it and protects the cells with melanin, the body's natural sunscreen.
When the body senses a cause for alarm, it begins churning out hormones, like Cortisol.
Your body senses danger, and it's getting ready to either fight it or run.
Goren cites the Weber-Fechner law, which states that the body senses the stimulus and works to use only the muscles required for a task, with only as much effort and strength needed.
"When our stomachs are empty, the body senses this and switches to food-seeking survival mode," Prologo said in a statement.
The body senses a crisis and floods the system with epinephrine (adrenaline) and norephinephrine.
When you're drinking coffee or tea, your body senses danger and automatically goes into red-alert mode.
When your body senses pain or instability--for example, in a muscle or an arthritic joint--the surrounding muscles, fascia (the fibrous sheet that encloses and separates muscles and other body tissue) and other tissues tighten to help protect the painful area.