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Finally, a functional food must have a particular function when ingested, serving to regulate a particular body process such as the enhancement of defence mechanisms, the prevention of a specific disease or the recovery from one, among many others.
High levels of sugar in the bloodstream can bog down the pancreas which is responsible for producing insulin that helps your body process sugars.
George has discovered that eating twice a day helps his body process food the best way to keep him functioning at his best.
When the pancreas produce too little insulin -- the hormone that aids the body process sugar in the bloodstream -- or does not properly use the insulin it produces, diabetes occurs.
It promises to help the body process alcohol, heading off the next-day hangover when taken before going to bed.
It's plausible that magnesium could influence diabetes risk because the mineral is needed for the proper functioning of several enzymes that help the body process glucose.
Among the topics are phenomenology and field theory, strengthening support, body process, research in Gestalt, and ending the journey.
The National Pure Water Association say fluoride has never been shown to be essential to any body process.
The society values the independent pay review body process and is greatly concerned by the government threat to compromise this process for a second year if the three-year deal is not accepted.
George had found that eating twice a day is perfect because it helps his body process food in a way that keeps him functioning at his best.
Which human body process is instigated by the protein fibrin?
Recommended at 50 to 200 micrograms per day for adults, chromium 3 is a necessary nutrient that helps the body process sugar.
Washington, July 27 ( ANI ): Cigarette smoke makes people produce excessive amounts of two proteins that trigger a natural body process that breaks down bone, a new study has concluded.
SPRITE & BREEZY Can you believe the best cure for a hangover is Coca-Cola's lemon & lime drink as it helps the body process alcohol.