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an organized geopolitical unit

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S., Rule and Bebout became acquainted via the popular "So's Your Grandmother" column that Rule, a long-time resident of Galiano Island, B.C., began writing for The Body Politic in 1979.
In chapter 2 on Erasmus's Colloquies, she explores how the topic of syphilis is woven in the forms of the dialogue with other important themes, such as marriage and courtship, as it becomes crucial to restore and maintain the integrity of the body politic. The connection between syphilis, cannibalism, and religion in the New and the Old Worlds becomes clear in the readings on Thevet, Lery, and Ronsard among others in chapter 3 and in chapter 4 on Lery's ethnographical travel narratives.
In the analysis, which consists of eight structurally related chapters, the author builds and expands the concept of the body politic, going beyond its more traditional perception as a universal metaphor or an image.
Objectively speaking, even though there have been defections from the Syrian ruling elite, the main corps of the body politic is still loyal to Assad and is aligned behind him," the analyst said.
How soon before the business ethic (if it can be called that) returns to the UK and infects the entire body politic of the NHS, eradicating the public service principles on which it was founded?
Furthermore, the body, in Coetzee's work, serves as a symbol of the (South African) body politic, with physical deformity of the individual body standing in for state violence and oppression.
Ichabod's complex personification of the US body politic opens up some of these questions.
Moreno (author); THE BODY POLITIC; Bellvue Literary Press (Nonfiction: Science) $18.95 ISBN: 9781934137383
Congress, and in the American body politic writ large, to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources ...
Examining the relationship of the social and the somatic--or 'body politic'--Protevi claims that human nature is, in essence, bio-cultural.
Washington, Aug.20 (ANI): US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton has hinted that corruption could be the main reason behind the world's slow response in giving aid to flood-hit Pakistan, and called it a 'cancer that eats away the body politic and diverts resources from where they were intended'.
As the results were declared, all through the night I found my enthusiasm for the body politic rekindled - the closest General Election in generations gripped me with fascination as it soon became obvious that much of the speculation, rumour and gossip of the campaign was not to be borne out by the reality of the results.
One obviously feels the charismatic void left by the absence of the boisterous and gutsy voice of the late Yasser Arafat, whose death remains a mystery to this day (, when listening to the current PLO leader of the PLO and the Secretary General of Al-Fath (Al-Fatah), Mahmud Abbas, making the closing statement of the Sixth Conference of Al-Fath, the leading body politic in the now fragile PLO.
FIRST, THERE HASN'T BEEN a super political queer mag since the Body Politic ended over twenty years ago in 1987.
However, if the body politic is re-energised now to actively vote for a new breed of people's representatives, this would be a revolution indeed.