body plethysmograph

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plethysmograph consisting of a chamber surrounding the entire body

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Spirometry was measured by an experienced scientific officer using a Vmax 22D spirometer coupled to an Autobox V62J Body Plethysmograph and Spectra software (Sensormedics Corp., Yorba Linda, CA) in accordance with American Thoracic Society guidelines, (7), (8) and the results were expressed as a percentage of predicted normal.
The body plethysmograph directly measures airway resistance by measuring the pressures needed to produce resultant flows and thus the units for Raw are cm H2O/liter/ second.
Forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume in one second ([FEV.sub.1]), forced expiratory flow at 50 and 75 per cent of the vital capacity (FEF 50 and 75%), forced expiratory flow between 25 and 75 per cent of the vital capacity ([FEF.sub.25-75]) total lung capacity (TLC) and residual volume (RV) data were obtained using constant volume variable pressure body plethysmograph (PK Morgan, Chatham, Kent, UK).
Changes of the respiratory pressure and rate were recorded in a whole body plethysmograph before and after treatment.
The pulmonary function tests consisted of specific airway resistance (SRaw) measurements with a constant body plethysmograph (model Master Lab; Jaeger), using the method of Dubois et al.
Spirometric tests were performed at rest before exercise using a body plethysmograph (SensorMedics V6200 Autobox; SensorMedics Co., California, USA).