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Then an image segmentation can be performed using the Grabcut method [15] to separate the whole upper body from the background, and an inference about the local body part can be executed based on the segmentation, as suggested by Eichner et al.
A security source said: "At this moment in time there is no identification of the body part.
If the backup of old blood is serious enough, the purple color may eventually turn black, indicating that the body part is dead.
THE body parts of 44 murder victims have been secretly stored in labs and mortuaries across the Midlands for up to fifteen years, unknown to grieving relatives.
Your brain is your best body part. It conducts everything your entire body does and feels and sees and hears and smells.
All the radiographic imaging texts I reviewed indicated that shape distortion is minimized by having the correct relationship between the central ray, body part and IR.
* After a sustained movement study, using a swing series or a rhythmic exercise to wake up the body and the mind * Never treating an exercise as though it is just for strengthening or limbering a body part. Using each exercise to explore its expressive qualities * Taking chances as the class progresses, but not diminishing the focus on precision work * Using improvisation to awaken individual dancers' movement sensibilities
(The person) can't ignore the body part just because (he or she doesn't) look like what (they) were born with,"
The main purpose of this study was to determine the extent of young children's anatomical knowledge, as well as the influence of body parts' functional and perceptual salience on children's body part knowledge.
The Globe and Mail articles and the focus group participants shared the same hopes for body part cloning, but they differed regarding concerns.
As I moved from display case to display case, body part to body part, corpse to corpse, I had three distinct thoughts.
One of the original concepts of "Metal Fatigue" is the ability to configure your giant combots with different types of arms, torsos and legs and stealing body part technology from opposing forces or CorpoNations.
Actual requests for body parts such as a "whole intact leg, including the entire hip joint," come with special instructions that the body be dissected by "cutting through symphysis pubis (pubic bone) and include whole illium." Additionally, a request may specify the speed at which the dissection must occur - - in this instance, that the researcher would like the body part "to be removed from the cadaver within 10 minutes." >TXFinally, the scientists specify whether "abnormalities" are permitted and under what conditions a body part will be shipped (such as in wet or dry ice) and by what mode of transportation (usually one of the well-known overnight-delivery services).
(No one has lost a body part among our parishioners.