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Indeed, it would be hard to find a photo or a drawing of any of Worcester's many factories without a body of water nearby, and this area of the city was no exception.
The United States, however, recognizes "Persian Gulf" as the official name for use by the US government for the body of water. But the US government doesn't tell anyone but US government agencies what names to use for bodies of water.
INLET: a narrow body of water leading inland from an ocean, lake, or river; or a narrow passage of water, as between two islands.
New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) for the development and operation of the Atlantic Basin, a 17-acre, centrally-located, protected body of water in New York Harbor formed by Piers 10, 11 and 12 on the Red Hook waterfront.
While deterioration on this scale is appalling anywhere, it's especially so when the body of water in question has such deep resonance in human culture.
The images indicate that more than half of that dust originates from the Bodele depression, a now-dry basin on the southern edge of the Sahara that in wetter times held a body of water the size of Lake Erie.
We understand that your wife has had complaints as well, especially over the unwelcome forest of chest hair, but let us assure you: God could not have designed a body of water more richly suited for drinking than that of the Potomac.
The region's islands--filled with snow-capped mountain--jut up dramatically from the Bering Sea, the body of water between mainland Alaska and Siberia, Russia (see map, above).
The large body of water, dramatic sky, and theatrical sunlight in Roger Brown's Arrangement in Blue and Gray, The Artist and His Friend Fishing conspire to put the tiny human figures in their place.
Allstate barred coverage for loss caused by "flood, including, but not limited to surface water, waves, tidal water or overflow from any body of water, or spray from any of these, whether or not driven by wind." Both also invoked anti-concurrent cause language.
A body of water that cools in the summer will collect and store heat in the winter, raising the nearby temperature.
Generally, a drowning victim will reach the bottom of a body of water in spite of the depth, unless it meets some obstruction on the way down.
The Devil and the Disappearing Sea or, How I Tried to Stop the World's Worst Ecological Catastrophe is the true story of the Aral Sea disaster - an ecological breakdown in Central Asia that has caused the world's fourth largest body of water to shrink to 20% of its 1960 size.
The Bohai Sea, a bay-like body of water between Tianjin and Dalian, retains pollutants because it lacks the ocean currents of less sheltered bodies of water.