body odor

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malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe

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Diet - Excessive consumption of sugary treats can lead to yeast growth that tends to convert the sugar into alcohols, which could be a factor in increasing body odor. Therefore, it is best to throw out all your candy and sweets.
Antiperspirants mask body odor temporarily and then only to a limited degree.
Some people also take chlorophyll pills to help reduce body odors.
When these new body odors happen, the smells are always attached to oils on your skin and hair--and hair really holds onto odors!
One such innovation is a medical device which studies show reduces body odor by destroying sweat glands and hair follicles via microwaves.
vannamei food ingestion rose with increasing body odor concentration, expressed as fasting shrimp biomass.
During their own market research they discovered that there was a huge unmet need for deodorants that would address the needs of youngsters suffering from body odor. To address that need, after working tirelessly for over a year, they formed the United Kingdom-based company Kind2Skin Ltd.
Body odor is something humans don't generally talk about but we often go to great lengths to try to change our body odors.
Odor Cleanse Breath and Body Caps from Yerba Prima naturally freshen breath as well as reduce body odor by neutralizing odor-causing substances at the source--in the intestines.
For the new study, scientists led by Camille Ferdenzi of the University of Geneva designed an experiment to find out if women are drawn to the telltale signs of high testosterone levels in men -- a symmetrical face, a deeper voice, a particular body odor -- who have this more "masculine" finger configuration.
Olfactory reference syndrome (ORS) is a preoccupation with the belief that one emits a foul or offensive body odor that is not perceived by other people, said lead study investigator Dr.
She is very nice and does her job quite well, but there is just one drawback: She has a very distinctive and frankly unpleasant "body odor" problem.
So how a perfume smells on you depends on how it blends with your body odor. In addition, your genes play a big role in how you carry a fragrance.
A permanent Freshguard[TM] treatment virtually eliminates body odor. Soffe makes this performance T-shirt in Adult sizes S-4XL, in black, dark oxford, white, navy, royal and red.