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the technical aspects of doing something

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But when she is retraining dancers to use proper body mechanics, she often has to address a psoas that is both weak and tight.
New Delhi [India], Nov 28 ( ANI ): India's first fully automatic gymnasium for health and fitness freaks Body Mechanics (BM) has carved a niche for itself in the market today.
Coaches should consider an examination of lower body mechanics when teaching the skill of pitching in addition to their usual focus on upper-body mechanics.
The movement of each individual fighter is excellent and the body mechanics that have been captured are second to none.
Of them, 10 chapters describe the basics including topics such as activity and task analysis, body mechanics, consequences of inactivity, and effects of stress; 41 chapters with in-depth descriptions of techniques and interventions used by recreational therapists.
Some need more repetitive tasks, so I train them in correctly hanging clothing on hangers--or, as they say, 'Miss Donna's way'--and then some are taught body mechanics for moving furniture.
Physical stress on the back often occurs when you don't use proper body mechanics for activities such as bending down to pick something up, moving furniture, or lifting and carrying groceries.
Through detailed photographs, illustrations, and down-to-earth advice that is both medically substantiated as well as easy to understand, you will learn how to: Treat the most uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, such as back and shoulder pain, bladder issues, night cramps, sciatica, swelling, and varicose veins; Maintain a healthy pregnancy, even while on bed rest; Correctly strengthen the pelvic floor and core to prevent diastasis recti; Nurse, lift, and care for a baby (or babies) using proper body mechanics to avoid strain and injury.
Back pain is particularly common in older adults, as increasing age, a lifetime of improper body mechanics, and wear and tear impact spine health.
They are safe for injured joints and can help improve overall body mechanics, such as posture, strength, balance and flexibility.
Work on proper body mechanics to prevent back pain.
I like to play with natural and normal movement combined with solid technique and body mechanics.
In a body mechanics study, PF bracing has been shown to increase the contact area of the PF joint.
In effect he was an early sports scientist, because at the Paris Olympics of 1900, he and a team of researchers produced photographs and drawings that documented the body mechanics of top performers in several sports.
She had received training only in the body mechanics of physical lifting, and often lacked needed assistance to lift, move, or re-position patients.