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the technical aspects of doing something

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The breakdancer and body mechanics expert were recruited to assess police claims Mr Rigg had hurt himself while "spinning" in a force van.
"The class is a real, vinyasa-style flow where proper body mechanics are taught and encouraged, but with a little bit of a laid-back vibe."
It's a matter of developing a laser focus on alignment as well as strengthening and stretching with better body mechanics in mind.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 28 (ANI): India's first fully automatic gymnasium for health and fitness freaks Body Mechanics (BM) has carved a niche for itself in the market today.
Poor body mechanics, such as feet that roll in or out, can lead to plantar fasciitis and pain elsewhere in the body, too.
(3) Perhaps another area of pitching mechanics that needs to be scrutinized is the impact of lower body mechanics. The kinetic chain starts from the ground up, so it makes sense to examine that chain from its origin even if at first glance it is unclear how stride length impacts ground reaction forces, joint biomechanics, momentum transfer, and pitched ball velocity.
Body mechanics are the most important factor in running a file straight.
The language used makes it accessible for the average reader without a great deal of knowledge about anatomy or body mechanics. A large number of pictures clarify the many stretches and exercises along with explicit instructions.
Although the wallets were carried in different pockets by individuals of various shapes, sizes and ages, the tempo and body mechanics involved were strikingly similar.
Bradley Cox, MS (The Missing Link for Running Efficiency: Upper Body Mechanics)
The movement of each individual fighter is excellent and the body mechanics that have been captured are second to none.
Of them, 10 chapters describe the basics including topics such as activity and task analysis, body mechanics, consequences of inactivity, and effects of stress; 41 chapters with in-depth descriptions of techniques and interventions used by recreational therapists.
Some need more repetitive tasks, so I train them in correctly hanging clothing on hangers--or, as they say, 'Miss Donna's way'--and then some are taught body mechanics for moving furniture."