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the length of your body

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Body length was analyzed with a GLS model that accounted for variance heterogeneity found by Species, Altitude and Sex (Fligner-Killeen tests, P < 0.05).
However, a poor correlation existed between the logarithm of larval body length and instars (Table 2).
Table 5: Average Body Length (cm) of Male Kids of Teddy Breed Reared under Two Management Systems
Effects of glucose were assessed by measuring the body weight and body length of embryos.
The results of the study of the body length of contemporary children are represented in Table 1.
(2004) study comprised of body weight, total body length, the length of head and body, tail length, the length of protruding rim of external ear, hind feet length, the length of middle claws of fore feet and hind feet, the number of rows of scales round mid-body and the number of single flanking scales of tail edge.
Furthermore, our results show that it is worthwhile to measure not only the body length for ageing purposes but also additional body parts, as not all of them have the same growth pattern.
Females usually have a body length of about 10mm, while the male is much smaller, being only 3-4mm long.
A jumping spider can leap up to six times its body length from a standing start.
Jumping spiders can leap up to six times their body length from a standing start.
Table 1.--Regression statistics for the different regression equations of the form mass = exp (a + b (In body measure)): sample size (N), range of body length (BL) in mm.
(2010) evaluated the productive performance of the five breeds of sheep prevailing in different parts of the Baluchistan province, observed to be significantly different among breeds (P>0.05) for withers height, body length and chest girth.
Morphometric traits: Regarding different Morphometric measurements FR5 proved to be the best with significantly higher body length, drumstick length, keel length, shank length, drumstick circumference, shank circumference and wing spread.