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Synonyms for disturbance

Synonyms for disturbance

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a change in normal place or position

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for disturbance

activity that is a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption

an unhappy and worried mental state

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a noisy fight

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versus perceptions measured by the HBS) of sexual harassment or an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment reported higher levels of body image disturbance.
Numerous clinical risks related to body image disturbances among sexual minority men have been reported.
Objectification theory, where the connection between gay males and women has been described in in terms of similar levels of femininity, may explain some related body image disturbances (Fredrickson & Roberts 1997).
2003), that body image disturbance in disordered eaters may be conceptualized as a deficit in self-development, resulting from failures in parent-child interactions which impaired the ability to distinguish bodily needs from emotional experiences.
It may be more useful to focus on psychological variables related to etiology and maintenance of body image disturbance.
Social comparison: Gender, target importance ratings, and relation to body image disturbance.
Additionally, given that individuals suffering from eating and body image disturbance often experience a great deal of shame, these concerns can go underreported (Costin, 2006), making it all the more important for clinicians who work with college student populations to assess for eating and body image concerns and to follow up on any indications that a client may be experiencing such difficulties.
Thin-ideal internalization: Mounting evidence for a new risk factor for body image disturbance and eating pathology.
The findings suggest that women's preferences for mirror and standing positions in the aerobics room may serve as important indicators of potential body image disturbance and disordered eating.
Body image disturbance in this sense has been defined by Smolak (2004) as any form of affective, cognitive, behavioural, or perceptual disturbance that is directly concerned with an aspect of physical appearance.
1988) display higher body image disturbance (Beren et al.
Body dissatisfaction, drive for thinness and bulimia tendencies subscales have been repeatedly used in the literature and is it believed that they represent the main components for body image disturbance (perception, attitude and behaviour) (Botta, 1999).
ED (anorexia and various forms of bulimia) present with a combination of body image disturbance and syndrome-specific eating/feeding behavior.
A review of the literature on body image disturbance indicated that eating disorders may be a coping strategy people use in order to assert control in their lives or combat sexism or racism.