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short hair growing over a person's body

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'On any given day, I tend to like to shave, but sometimes letting my body hair grow out is what makes me feel sexy,' she wrote.
"I've just had a new hip, and at the same time all my body hair decides to fall out," the said.
I don't think we should shave our body hair. You are beautiful just the way you are.
"Her proactive stance against any sort of body hair on her daughters (because the blonde upper lip hair is ALWAYS so abundant and noticeable, not to mention a major issue that must be eliminated on preschoolers) involves measures I wouldn't be willing to put a full grown adult through."
Despite feeling uncomfortable at first, she said embracing her body hair eventually gave her more confidence - and now she hopes to inspire other women to challenge society's view that body hair is something to be ashamed of.
She got the idea in May 2018 while preparing for her drama degree which demanded her to grow her body hair. Jackcon said she received negative comments from many people when she stopped shaving off her body hair, ( the Independent reported .
"Body hair takes longer to grow back than facial hair, so irritation from body shaving can have a delayed occurrence versus the immediate effect guys see from facial shaving," he said.
In 618 children (in whom information on body hair loss was obtained at the physical exam), 72% lost all or some of their body hair.
Specialists carrying out tests told a judge that "hair alcohol analysis" could not be "properly performed" because the man had "insufficient hair, including body hair, to test".
Growing niche demands, such as intimate body hair shaving and other oral care appliances remain somewhat underdeveloped and consequently represent growth opportunities for players in the category.
The phrase "peculiar facial hair and all" contains deeply embedded cultural attitudes about body hair: how it should be worn or depilated; what constitutes "peculiar," or queer, and what straight; and what the relationship is between sexual prowess and body hair.
All of my body hair used to be light, but recently it became really dark.
But, when Yasmin reached the age of 11 she decided enough was enough, and embraced her Turkish origin and the dark body hair that came with it.