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short hair growing over a person's body

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The trend of body hair removal has been surging in the recent past, owing to the increasing population of metrosexual men.
Body hair tends to grow in darker and thicker as you develop (similar to the way boys grow facial hair and get deeper voices).
The only thing which will help is a public exposure to the reality of women's body hair.
A custom content has been uploaded by lumialover8 which provides body hair for male Sims.
But if you want to go ahead, try talking to your mum first about what's been happening and think about whether shaving is the best option for you or not (there are a multitude of ways to get rid of body hair, should you choose to get rid of it).
Humans used to have a similar defensive fluffing up of their body hairs, but once again, the effect is now ruined.
In the first reported case of a successful treatment, the doctors have helped a 25-year-old patient with no body hair grow eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as facial, armpit, and other hair, which he lacked at the time he sought help.
The Body Hair Cut's proprietary features and components help to easily and evenly trim body hair to desired length.
Earlier writing about men and body hair suggested a hairy physique was emblematic of a man's masculinity and virility (e.
The reason is this: I am fed up with men being told they cannot have body hair.
Parents are using wigs, swapping hair samples and bleaching or shaving their body hair to fool a drug test.
Tiggemann and Hodgson (2008) note that "the lack of body hair associated with spurious hygiene is a very sure way to keep women continuously shaving and waxing.
Body hair reduction The salon says, not only brides, but a number of males are keen to reduce unwanted body hair, and further, they are opting for permanent hair removal.
But my mates say it will put guys off as men hate body hair.
He was nicknamed the Wolfman for his excessive body hair.