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accompany and protect from physical harm

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The Markham (Button's) Troop formed in 1810 and was amalgamated into the Governor General's Body Guard in 1866, then into a squadron in 1876, and in 1889 a regiment.
THE BODY GUARD THE old dog looks at me with forgiving eyes He plods, one foot, then another Arthritic in its ground touch demise Each step, a crucial bother A grey green face plain with age The sense of being, now mislaid This black haired giant sleeps all day Awakes to tears, and tries to play His psyche is between me and the world Challenging!
The gunman fell amidst a hale of sixty-two bullets fired from Long's body guard. Immediately the conspiracy theories began and they exist to this day.
Enderby, formerly lieutenant of the Queen's Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard, has been appointed LVO in the Royal Victorian Order, a dynastic order of knighthood and a house order of chivalry recognising distinguished personal service to the order's sovereign.
The presence of such a large crowd seemed to fire up the players of Sahgal Stud- Sona and President's Body Guard ( PBG)- Jindal, who played out a nail- biting final.
"Some of those involved include Roy Shaw, the famous bare knuckle fighter, Geoff Thompson, a former doorman who's now a Bafta Award winning writer, celebrity body guard Elijah Shaw and Thomas Silverstein, the American equivalent of Bronson.
Green tea contains antioxidants that help the body guard against the mutation of cells, which weakens the immune system.
A photo of the building was taken in 1885 when the Governor General's Body Guard were stationed there at the time of the Rebellion.
Nothing fancy - just a couple of personal assistants, a body guard, a make-up artist, manicurist, masseur, and someone whose job it is to make sure Jen's scarf doesn't dangle in puddles.
The coffin will be guarded during the lying in state by Her Majesty's Body Guard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, by the Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard, by the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen's Body Guard for Scotland, and by Officers of the Household Division.
Ontario's hospital reforms, involving the closing of many hospitals, have been so controversial and contentious that it is said Health Minister Jim Wilson has had to employ a body guard. As for Catholic hospitals, some are having to close; some will stay open, and, when one of these is allowed to remain open whereas a hospital in the same community which has no religious affiliation is being forced to close, the result is a display of hostility and bigotry of a sort one thought belonged to a by-gone era.
As secretary of state from 1947 to 1949, he was so unpretentious that he refused a body guard, saying that he would "rather be murdered than embarrassed.' Over the years, Marshall has even been spared by Cold War revisionists, who have noted that as secretary of state he tried on several occasions to tone down the Truman administration's more inflammatory anti-communist rhetoric.
It merits to mention here that a body guard of Kandahar Governor opened fire at Afghan Police chief, Gen Abdul Raziq when he was seeing off US Army officials including its chief, Gen Scott Miller after a meeting on Thursday.
The MP was travelling with his body guard and West Kabras MCALazarus Anaswa.
Four others, including Shatah's body guard, were also killed in the blast and 15 people were injured.