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represent in bodily form

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"False words are not only evil in themselves," Plato wrote, "but they infect the soul with evil." In this first decade of the new century, in which the infection of the lie has become commonplace, I look for sustenance in poems that body forth our detailed, multifarious, human truths.
First, I often found myself wanting theological voices from Cristianity's past who would body forth in this text as more viscerally upset about the violence of em ire, the limb-tearing, torture-dispensing, life-snuffing, grinding dehumanization worked especially by empire s military actions.
The plastic elements are color, line, tone, form, texture, and the like: the figurative elements body forth the real things that we perceive.
For the most part, the book is a detailed, impeccably documented chronicle of the 47-year-old western-looking cowboy town, in which Andy Barker and his family hoped to body forth a rather odd blend of ideals and ideologies: the cowboy-frontier myth, which dovetails rather nicely, I might add, with the American individualism singled above; "Jeffersonian democracy and Christian virtue" (6), both to be experienced and enhanced through "wholesome recreation" (13) in the great outdoors and with a certain "antiestablishment" gusto--it is the latter that will draw to the place, sixteen years after its founding, all sorts of unusual "fellow travelers." The first eighty pages of this chronicle cover the first twenty-five years of Barker's "Christian town" (13).
Her book ends with the suggestion that the "biggest model for change is...the one which acknowledges and taps into the potential of women that Shakespeare's comedies body forth." As someone who still struggles with the limitation of my training as a "Shakespearean" and who fell under the spell of the RSC at the same moment Penny Gay did, I wish her energetic book had shaken itself freer of humanist ideology.
Immodest as it may sound, this is the legitimate claim of a human dynamo, a woman with a seemingly inexhaustible ambition to body forth her passion for a primal Shakespeare of sex, violence and poetry, her commitment to voice and language as the center of theatrical experience, and her communitarian vision of what a theatre should be.
This new Creation may behold by thee.(1) The editors of the California edition of Dryden follow Hagstrum's suggestion and cite Lovelace's lines in their commentary.(2) However, the verbal similarities between the two passages are not, in fact, close, and their thought, moreover, seems significantly different: where Lovelace is commenting on |Pincture's' capacity to body forth mental conceptions in physical form, Dryden is emphasizing Kneller's capacity to paint likenesses which are so vivid that the personages depicted on his canvases seem to be living, breathing, and thinking; Kneller can, as we might say, produce |speaking likenesses' of his subjects.
body forth the forces generating them, the powerful being of transcendent a
It is the dialogue with those presences that our bodies body forth. The conversation would be unthinkable, and so would be thinking itself, if it were not for the pathos of "tangibility," for physical contact.
he'd body forth with his spasm of sonants--and so forth