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The number of detectable miRNAs from the qPCR results ranged from 210 miRNAs in pleural fluid to 458 miRNAs in saliva, based on the number of miRNAs that had concentrations >80% of the global mean among the samples from the same body fluid type.
Explain the value of a monolayer slide preparation in determining cell morphology in body fluids.
Universal precautions: an approach to infection control whereby all human blood and certain human body fluids are treated as if known to be infectious for HIV, HBV, or other bloodborne pathogens.
The study article, Identification of tissue of origin in body fluid specimens using a gene expression microarray assay, was authored by Gregory A.
In recent years, an alternative solution for automated body fluid cell counting has emerged through the addition of body fluid analysis on automated urinalysis analyzers.
The breadth of issues addressed makes this book interesting and useful reading for both the paraprofessional, who must be conversant about the principles, capabilities, and limitations of drug testing technologies as applied for drug detection and deterrence of substance abuse, and for the laboratorian who is interested in an overview of body fluid testing for drugs of abuse in nonclinical applications.
These results demonstrate that gene expression profiling in body fluid cytology specimens that are preserved in FFPE has similar performance characteristics to those obtained with solid FFPE tissue samples," explained principal investigator pathologist Federico A.
Body fluids with positive organism smears, however, are a small number of our body fluid specimens.
Body Fluid analysis consists of an automated white blood count (WBC) and red blood count (RBC).
Because the matrices in which the toxins are found (algae, shellfish, body fluid, and seawater) are diverse and complex, current methods of quantitative analysis are laborious and imprecise, requiring many steps of extraction and partial purification of toxins before analysis.
A month after his burial, she exhibits a plastic container holding his lungs floating in the body fluid that literally drowned him.
announced today that the Body Fluid application on their XE-2100(TM) Series Automated Hematology Analyzers has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.
However, when the researchers considered differences in body fluid content, the women's intake nearly equaled the men's -- women consumed an average of 1.
An absorbent article comprising a topsheet, a backsheet, and an absorbent member between the topsheet and the backsheet and having applied thereon a hot-melt composition that changes color on contact with a body fluid has been patented.
Faced with overwhelming physical evidence, such as the image enhanced fingerprint match, the DNA test results, the match between the body fluid found on the victim's body and that of the suspect, and the knife found in the suspect's apartment, defense attorneys entered four guilty pleas, one of which was for capital murder.