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a count of troops killed in an operation or time period

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Although the real-life body count within the cast is now up to three following the 1994 death of original star Mark McManus, who played DCI Jim Taggart.
As the body count starts to go up, the men of the cloth appear more and more sinister and the sacred St Anselms begins to look like a hellish place.
It was the military, he notes, that developed the "body count" and other quantifiable measures that were supposed to indicate the effectiveness of the war effort.
Power can win the body count but it can't win this war.
The daily schedule of three dance classes and five academic--including nutrition, anatomy, dance injury, English, math, and history--can be grueling, and by the end of the freshman year the body count often drops to 65 or 64, in which case another audition is held to fill those spots.
Today, the body count in corporate office space is much higher - in some buildings, it is five or six people per 1,000 square feet.
A big body count can realy make President Reagan's day.
'Victims who suffered suffocation already went to 36, plus the suspect, that makes the body count to 37,' National Capital Region chief PCSUpt.
Iraq Body Count, a Britain-based NGO that tracks violence in Iraq, gave an even higher toll for 2014, saying that 17,073 civilians were killed, which would make it the third-deadliest year since 2003.
The research paper by Dr Madelyn Hsiao-Rei Hicks of King's College London, the London-based Iraq Body Count and others, described suicide bombs in Iraq as "a major public health problem", killing significantly more civilians than soldiers.
Arcade Fire SECC, Glasgow, Dec 12 AS impressive as they are on record, it's when playing live onstage that Arcade Fire's extra body count really makes the difference.
The number of civilian deaths from violence in Iraq have fallen sharply this year to an estimated 25 per day, down by two thirds from the high two years ago, Iraq Body Count, a voluntary group, says.
McClaren is notoriously reluctant to formulate too many ideas over potential starting line-ups before he completes a body count on the first day at training.
Body count...Sheri Moon-Zombie in Halloween remake; Myers starts killing
Although the globe's body count is set to peak relatively soon, organic farming cannot do the job; it is better known as designer food for the rich first world.