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a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms

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Scientists have found a link between artificial light at night, disrupted body clocks and piling on the pounds.
The body clock - also known as the circadian rhythm - is a 24-hour biological cycle that occurs individually in every cell of the body, driving daily rhythms in our physiology, from when we sleep, to hormone levels, to how we respond to medication according to the study published in the Journal of Cell.
Dr Victoria Revell, Head of Strategic Development at the Surrey Clinical Research Centre, explained: "Moving the clocks forward will result in delaying the clock time of sunrise and thus the time that we receive the morning bright light necessary to keep our body clock on track.
So Scotland's players are eating breakfast in the afternoon and training well into the evening but will have familiarity of kicking off at 3pm UK time with everything geared towards keeping body clocks normal.
Is the immune system linked to the body clock? Do disruptions of the circadian clock influence our susceptibility to disease-causing germs?
This body clock, or the study of the timing of the body's internal processes, is called chronophysiology, and it includes the study of chronotypes or determining those who work best in the morning (early birds) or those who function better at night (night owls).
We've been warned repeatedly about the health perils of being out-of-sync with our body clocks.
They discovered that the protein ignores the regular body clock cycle of glucocorticoid secretion and therefore the circadian cycle is responsible for regulating cellular fat.
Key to the problem is circadian disruption-messing with the internal body clock that regulates everything from brainwave activity to hormone production and cell regeneration.
Body Clock YOUR clock starts ticking when you are born And never stops until your last dawn Constantly your clock keeps ticking away Keeping good time as you work rest and play The clock has no batteries or alarm Or electricity which would do you harm It cannot be slow or for that matter fast But for a lifetime it is guaranteed to last Our body clock is a smart bit of kit It will last a lifetime as long as you look after it No you cannot buy a second hand body clock So take good care of the one you have got.
"A set going-to-bed time and wake-up time are important to keep the body clock on track.
"We consistently see about a two-fold difference in wound healing speed between the body clock's day and night.
This way your body clock will already be synced to the new time when it happens.
TEHRAN (FNA)- We are more susceptible to infection at certain times of the day as our body clock affects the ability of viruses to replicate and spread between cells, suggests new research.
In the period analyzed for this study, 52.4% of road games for TZ 1 & 2 teams were scheduled as morning body clock starts.