circadian rhythm

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a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms

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So ditch that after-dinner espresso - it'll scramble your body clock for days.
Scientists in Britain and the US found drinking the equivalent of a double espresso three hours before bedtime can turn the body clock back nearly an hour by delaying a rise in melatonin, the body's chief sleep hormone.
Far-travelled Cummins, 24, said: "My body clock doesn't know what's going on so the journey to Armenia and a three-hour time difference won't make much difference.
An international team of scientists has discovered what amounts to a molecular reset button for our internal body clock.
In control of the body clock, Cinderellas will never have to leave the ball at midnight, Dr Jekyll will never have to turn into Mr Hyde, and most important of all, I, a senior citizen, can turn out to watch Wales play England at rugby football even though the kick-off is at 8.
Sunlight is the best light for your sleep cycle, with early-morning light from 6am to 10am the most important when it comes to resetting your body clock.
Gloomy days upset people's internal body clocks and can rob people of their energy, enthusiasm, appetite control, and sex drive.
Losing sleep could be the biggest danger because it disrupts the body clock and hormones connected to it.
London, November 22 ( ANI ): Researchers claim to have developed the world's first high-tech "time-control" spectacles that emit a soft green glow, which is said to work on the human body clock to change our sleep patterns.
Weight is playing havoc with the body clock, causing changes in the balance of our hormones, researchers said.
Jet lag wrecks havoc on the body clock and this affects everything from energy cycles to concentration, putting the international traveler at risk in every situation that requires attention, coordination and a clear head.
Panthers at Chiefs (-2): I suppose Chiefs QB Elvis Grbac may trust his body clock more than the game clock, in which case he needs to get an alarm.
As part of our body clock, it works as an internal timer which regulates the production of hormones, which are responsible for controlling a wide range of activities from growing and sleeping, to sexual and even maternal instincts.