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a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity

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Empirical equations to be applied to this study should have the same decrease rate of intensity value of the cracked area due to the black body cavity even when the illuminance is changed.
The ACLU also sent letters to 40 healthcare providers on the Southwest border "detailing the rights and responsibilities of hospital personnel when confronted by federal agents who request they perform invasive and illegal body cavity searches," the group said in a statement.
After that, a female doctor was ordered to search the woman, she was sedated and then subjected to a body cavity search and X-rays.
Place the listed organs into the correct body cavity.
Jordan and Sahatjian developed a radially expandable removable stent based on shape-memory resins for implantation in a body cavity. These stents also have outer surfaces with geometric patterns to minimize migration after implantation, and can be manufactured by injection molding.
Such seeds generally enter the canine body cavity in two ways: Inhalation or puncturing the skin.
A subset of cases develop solid tumors in structures adjacent to the body cavity (eg, the pleura).
West Midlands Police said the suspect was later taken to hospital, where seven wraps believed to contain heroin and cocaine were removed from a "body cavity".
Going a step further, vertebrates possess two main cavities --the body cavity and the circulatory cavity.
The design includes internal trunnion blocks which eliminate the need for the lower ball trunnion to penetrate the body cavity, www.spxft.com.
Opening the incorrect body cavity can delay control of tamponade or haemorrhage and exacerbate hypothermia and fluid shifts.
Accordingly, drawing upon the rich body of literature and data concerning body cavity contraband, by mid-to-late 2006 briefings on suicide bomber body-cavity bomb potentials were being provided to law enforcement and governmental security related venues.
The realistic looking EZ-Buck boasts fold-up legs that quickly sweep against the body and a head that slips inside the body cavity for quick take down and set up, as well as easy transport.