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a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity

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Officers seized more than a half-pound of meth the smuggler had concealed inside of an internal body cavity
Using digital 3-D scans of mounted skeletons (above), researchers estimated the body cavity volume in 126 species.
This is because blood may pool inside the body cavity until it reaches the level of either the entrance or exit wounds.
The early mesoderm splits into two layers that line the inside of the body cavity and the outside of the gut.
You'd have to hire five or six times as many guards and expand the security area considerably to give those being searched some privacy, but if we were really determined to eliminate every threat to air travel, every suspicious body cavity could be searched.
The detective added that he was killed with a large knife driven into his back, piercing his body cavity and causing a fatal wound.
An endoscope was inserted through a 1-inch incision behind the uterus and into the patient's body cavity.
The container had been concealed in an intimate body cavity, a spokesman for the UK Border Service said.
Oscar-winning director Roman Polanskiembarrasses himself with a cameo as police detective Revi, who welcomes the cops to Paris by performing a completely unnecessary body cavity search.
United States authorities yesterday (6 March) detained an Iraqi immigrant who allegedly had a suspicious device lodged in a body cavity.
Close the body cavity by tying the legs together with a clean string, or tucking the ends of the drumsticks into the hook or metal clamps that come with many birds nowadays.
The spider's simple heart--made up of a muscular tube with an opening on both sides--pumps bloodlike fluid into the body cavity.
The court held that the officer's alleged subjection of the inmate to a needlessly intrusive unclothed body cavity search in the presence of a female officer violated the Fourth Amendment, but the officer was entitled to qualified immunity because there was no clearly established right of inmates to be free from bodily exposure to officers of the opposite sex at the time of the search.
Scoop out the innards in the body cavity of the shell.
The use of Krehalon's specially-developed film material, combined with Multivac's know-how in thermoforming has created a pack that can be as tight-fitting as a second skin on a wide range of products, including primal cuts, joints of meat, whole chickens (where it should be used with gassing, as a high vacuum would cause the body cavity to collapse), hams, cheese and pizza.