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The MOD will deliver a report later this year on the benefits of the device for companies bidding to develop the Virtus body armour system.
The body armour has been developed in partnership with Staines-based firm Intelligent Textiles Ltd (ITL) which developed the so-called "e-textile" that enables power and data to move through fabric.
Conclusion: The use of torso body armour in Pakistan Armed Forces has decreased the mortality but it is still deficient in many aspects especially from sides, in preventing penetrating torso injury.
BRAVE: Private Lewis Murphy removed his body armour so he could carry a wounded pal across an Afghan river to safety
The Military Body Armour & Personal Protective Gear Market 2012-2022 report will be of value to current and future potential investors in the field of body armour, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the military body armour & personal protective gear market.
COMRADES Afghan National Army Sgt Bamyani with some of the Paras BRAVE Sgt Bamyani with hole in body armour and bruised back
Coventry company NP Aerospace manufactures the body armour plates used by UK troops in Afghanistan.
The technology can be integrated into standard Kevlar body armour to offer superior, freedom of motion and a reduction in overall thickness of up 45 per cent.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-24 March 2008-Tactical Solution Partners introduces ArmoRight Body Armour System(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Designed with comfort, durability and flexibility in mind, the new outfit comprises a black shirt with zip-neck fastening, that will be worn under body armour, with lightweight black cargo trousers.
The uniform, comprising a black unisex shirt designed to be worn under body armour, with lightweight black cargo trousers, replaces the white shirt with epaulettes and ties introduced in 2001.
It seems Ms Stuart, who recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan, was accosted by Coun Alden in Harborne Hight Street and quizzed about the body armour she was routinely measured up for as a visiting MP before she went.
Dear Editor, Like many people, I am horrified that a soldier serving in the British Army was killed after he was forced to give his body armour to a colleague when there wasn't enough to go round.
A BRITISH tank commander shot and killed by his own side as he struggled with an attacking Iraqi died because of an "unforgivable and inexcusable" delay in providing body armour to troops, a coroner said yesterday.
The Ministry of Defence yesterday defended new body armour issued in Afghanistan and Iraq, after claims that its bulk prevented soldiers firing their weapons.