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Fletcher's play imagines, then, or perhaps bears witness to, a versatile subject position for women that does not invest a sense of self in a positive valuation of the body, or in a construction of body and soul as inseparably merged, but rather in changing forms of opposition to the changing mobilizations of conventional patriarchal structurings of the soul-body hierarchy, which sometimes demarcate and sometimes collapse body and soul in ways oppressive to women.
(29) The body and soul together constitute the nature of human being and together comprise the quidditive determinateness of the human existent.
But perhaps of most significance here is Body And Soul's ability to handle cut in the ground.
Throughout Donne's writing, the juncture of body and soul is a terrific place of imaginative free play, an invisible boundary where spiritual essence blends into material substance and seeming opposites are joined.
PEACE: At their stall at The Mind, Body and Soul festival in Marsden are Stephanie Hamer, Rachel Haynes and Stephanie Ber tonshaw (AC270909Dmars-02) PEACE AND CALM: Gayle Batty performs crystal healing on a visitor to the Mind, Body and Soul festival in Marsden Parochial Hall (AC270909Dmars-04)
Some modern scholars have interpreted the treatise as advocating a kind of dualism, (8) in particular between body and soul. (9) This interpretation was based largely on one passage in Chapter 86 at the beginning of Book IV, which was considered to be influenced by 'Orphic' or 'Pythagorean' ideas (10) and believed to express a hostile relationship between body and soul.
between body and soul, the prevalent attitude appears to be an image of
While later medieval treatments of the body and soul theme are often this specific, if not more so, in their depiction of the horrible things that happen to the body after death, in an Anglo-Saxon context, this invocation of the fragmented, mortified body is all but unique among treatments of the body and soul theme, and within the corpus of Old English literature more generally.
Anorexia is an obsession with externals and, if left unchecked, a shutting down of the body and soul, sometimes tragically to the point of death.
This live recording of Joss's perform-ance to a capacity crowd at New York's Irvin Plaza in September this year features favourites from both Mind, Body and Soul and last year's debut Soul Sessions.
Aquinas asserts, Body and soul are not two actually existing substances, but from these two is made one actually existing substance.
The dates follow the release of Joss' new single You Had Me on September 13 and her second album Mind, Body and Soul on September 27.
Finally Paesi falls back on tradition: he accepts the materialist position that the body and soul are identical because his grandfather and father before him had done so.
Piano, Body and Soul is a new course for adult beginners developed by Juilliard-trained pianist and educator Joan Harkness and composer/soprano Anna Dembska.
Aquinas emphasized the profound unity of body and soul (Cross, 1998; Johnson, 1998b).