body and soul

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with complete faith

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Why, you sell yourself, body and soul, to the demon, the devil, for money
I ought to go back to England this year, but if I can scrape together enough to keep body and soul on speaking terms I shall stay another twelve months.
For a while she had kept both herself and the child on the twelve shillings a week that twelve hours' drudgery a day procured her, paying six shillings out of it for the child, and keeping her own body and soul together on the remainder.
She felt that her unity with her husband was not maintained by the poetic feelings that had attracted him to her, but by something else- indefinite but firm as the bond between her own body and soul.
If you could only be sure of as much as would keep body and soul together,' my mother would say with a sigh.
I should prefer that they mated voluntarily," replied the professor, the strange gleam leaping to his eyes at the suggestion of possible antagonism to his cherished plan, "but if not, then they shall be compelled by the force of my authority--they both belong to me, body and soul.
At last he lay at the master's feet, into whose possession he now surrendered himself, voluntarily, body and soul.
He stopped, trembling, body and soul, under the hold that his own terrible superstition had fastened on him.
They seemed to him fragmentary utterances of a monstrous conspiracy against his body and soul.
My headache was gone, but, body and soul, I was very tired.
I know she is an angel, and I am a presumptuous dog to dream of possessing such a treasure; but, nevertheless, I would sooner die than relinquish her in favour of the best man that ever went to heaven - and as for her happiness, I would sacrifice my body and soul - '
Thus you are often driven by necessity itself into a state of shame and misery, which unavoidably ends in the destruction of both body and soul.
Few women had tried more earnestly to pierce the accretions in which body and soul are enwrapped.
But first of all must thou be built thyself, rectangular in body and soul.