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a motion of the body by a player as if to make an object already propelled go in the desired direction

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These seasoned officers read my body English, listened to the tone of my voice and deduced accurately that I was a member of decent society in spite of my low-rent method of transportation.
Culture Minister Margaret Hodge declared the iconic venue a Grade II listed building -- the second-highest category -- on the advice of national preservation body English Heritage.
He invented a lexicon to describe his particular mode of abstraction--terms such as direct film, scratch film, body English, figure of motion, and old brain--insisting that his tangible sculptures were different from mobiles or other sculptures that merely moved.
A sunny dry spell now would provide an ideal scenario but even so, there should be a lot more English wine around next year, says Julia Trustram Eve, marketing director of the trade body English Wine Producers.
Their hometown is a badge of honor they wear one they proudly display should they be forced off the road by a misogynistic drunk in the tony suburb of Grosse Pointe as in "Twin Pines Savior" or backed up against the wall during an escalating confrontation with a tyrannical bully deep in the state's northern woods as in "I'm from Detroit." Physical threats and character aspersions mean little to Borri's proud protagonists beyond the opportunities they provide for flexing a little muscle and throwing a little body English into even the most benign situations.
London, Aug 4 (ANI): American musician Tommy Lee and Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson were spotted getting frisky with each another at Las Vegas club Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel.
Conservation body English Heritage has joined councillors in demanding action to save a derelict Grade II listed church in Walsall.
"Body English" is an exploration of the human spirit through the eyes of an inanimate object with human characteristics.
Government body English Partnerships sold Bispham Tower in Liverpool centre to FM Developments for pounds 1.65million and also provided a pounds 750,000 grant.
Campaigners successfully stopped a previous compulsory purchase order at the high court after taking on regeneration body English Partnerships (EP) at a public inquiry in 2005.
Actually I believe the latter was the reason since I was then able to converse, usually through a translator or the use of broken English and "body English" about mushrooms, but also about the United States, Texas and other matters of interest.
How about that diamond encrusted swizzle stick that comes with the $2,000 Aristocrat Martini at Las Vegas' Body English nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino?
Instead, the driver is strapped inside a cockpit, and instead of using "body English" to help steer, the driver's hands and feet steer and control the bike.
Stuck as she is to the little tables and chairs that suggest the cafe setting, Bahr doesn't put much body English into her characterizations.