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They had not the fierce character boding of immediate hostile intention.
Jones assured him that this boding should as certainly be verified with regard to him as all the other omens had been to himself; which did not a little add to all the raptures which the poor fellow had already conceived on account of his master.
He was deaf to the waltzes; they grew fainter and fainter; the discomfited performer left the huge instrument presently; and though her three friends performed some of the loudest and most brilliant new pieces of their repertoire, she did not hear a single note, but sate thinking, and boding evil.
Lady Carey was watching her, more composed, to all outward appearance, but with closely compressed lips, and boding gleam in her eyes.
NOT LONG after John Boding was thrown into a North Vietnamese prison, he heard a man from another cell shout out a set of instructions to him, the key to a secret code that American prisoners of war used to communicate with each other.
Once you got it, you could go like the wind," Boding says.
The days dragged on, and Boding had no idea whether he would ever be released, so he turned to the tap code to create something lasting, words his wife and then 9-month-old daughter, Lauren, might remember him by.