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* Structure/function claims: statements describing how nutrients or food ingredients affect or maintain normal bodily structures or functions.
First, we believe that, conceptually and philosophically, the actions and emotional responses of a human person are properly conceived of as being initiated not by the body, or by bodily structures or processes simply, but precisely through this "formal" aspect of the human person which is the "soul." That is why we hold that "the soul is the animating principle of the living human body": by "principle" we mean a fundamental cause.
The skull also is the bodily structure whose openings make possible the entry of all the information that comes into the body and that is sought by the brain.
To every essential change in their circumstances, they change appropriately in their bodily structures and outlooks.
Under normal conditions on Earth, body tissues generate compressive forces that press on bodily structures like bones, muscles, veins, and can affect pressures in blood vessels and organs.
Changes were observed in nearly all parts of the animal, in the wings, eyes, legs, and other bodily structures. This was a monumental discovery and soon other investigators, notably Stadler, Hanson, Goodspeed, Mavor, and Patterson, by the use of similar emanations succeeded in inducing comparable permanent modifications in various other animals and plants.
This minimizes exposure to healthy tissue and bodily structures. The device is placed using standard surgical techniques.
Various zoological questions, characteristics of animal species, their bodily structures and their habitats are examined in the course of the fable.
Rather than representing the anatomical process as divided among sector, ostensor, and lector of anatomy, as it traditionally was, Vesalius embodies all three functions; he himself performs the acts of cutting, demonstrating, and explaining bodily structures. Conventional interpretations of the woodcut have made it into an icon representing a pivotal moment in the history of anatomy.
Cadavers yield misleading larynx positions because internal bodily structures shift during rigor mortis, maintains Jeffrey T.
As a group they indicate upward and downward movement, lead and control the mind (manas), employ all the sense organs in their activity, carry all sense objects, enhance union in the body, promote speech, touch and sound, emit excreta, and maintain longevity (ayus).(90) Both medical compilers detail in a similar way the locations and activities of the five winds, which coordinate and maintain the bodily structures and functions, summarized as follows:
These appear to neutralize the so-called oxygen-free radicals - byproducts of normal metabolism that cause all sorts of damage to bodily structures and biochemical processes.
Contrast Agents: This class refers to specialized pharmaceutical compounds that are opaque to X-rays, magnetic resonance, or ultrasound and enable the visualization of bodily structures with enhanced clarity.