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Bloom actually composes a verse in "Lestrygonians," an episode that Joyce associates with the bodily process of "peristalsis" in the schema he wrote for Stuart Gilbert.
These "thirst cells" are found in a region called the hypothalamus, which regulates thirst, blood pressure and other bodily processes, and also in a small neighbouring spot called the sub-fornical organ.
This will eventually lead to imbalances and inflammation in the body, which destroys not only your thyroid but basically your entire bodily processes and organ systems.
In the hours and days following a spinal-cord injury (SCI), the gears that control the body's internal clocks fall profoundly out of sync, impacting body temperature, hormone fluctuation, immunity and the timing of a host of other bodily processes, according to new research from the University of Colorado (CU) in Boulder, Colo.
In the process, the important nutrients that we need to maintain the function of all bodily processes are sent back into the bloodstream.
Even though the stress response prepares the body to survive physical threats, the body cannot differentiate between physical, mental, and emotional stress, and can commence this cascade of hormones and bodily processes when presented with nonphysical threats.
Communal sympathy around natural bodily processes. Frank, nonthreatening conversations about sex.
Feminine hygiene products render any menstruating body as a veiled site of disaster capitalism, managing bodily processes through an invisible and profitable regime of self-care.
Usana's advanced skincare system features the exclusive Cell-Signaling Complex, specifically designed to help support bodily processes responsible for natural, beauty-preserving functions.
Scientists hope that because the patch will be so similar to the existing heart muscle, natural bodily processes will take over.
The immune system of a person with AD may also be triggered by normal bodily processes.
Free radicals form when your body is exposed to toxic substances, such as chemicals, smoke, radiation, and pollutants, but they also form during normal bodily processes, including respiration and metabolism.
The expansion of awareness into hitherto autonomously functioning bodily processes gradually takes place.
A proper balance is essential for many bodily processes, including heart function, but diuretics can cause an imbalance.
"If you were to stop detoxifying, you'd be dead in about four hours." Detoxification is the body's way of getting rid of foreign molecules that we pick up from the air we breathe, food and water we consume, and medications we take, as well as toxins the body generates in normal bodily processes. A buildup of toxins not only contributes to poor overall health and low energy, but it may also increase risk of certain diseases, such as obesity and cancer.