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Synonyms for movement

Synonyms for movement

the act or process of moving

a change in normal place or position

a calculated change in position

an organized effort to accomplish a purpose

Synonyms for movement

a major self-contained part of a symphony or sonata

an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

a euphemism for defecation

a general tendency to change (as of opinion)

the driving and regulating parts of a mechanism (as of a watch or clock)

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We have already introduced the form schemas of perception, the so-called image schemas, recurrent preconceptual gestalt structures that operate in our bodily movements, perceptual acts, orientational awareness, and cognitive processes (Johnson, Tbe Body in the Mind 75, 79).
In response to this question some philosophers claim that an agent can be the cause of bodily movements called actions while remaining an uncaused cause of his actions.
We further note that those studies have not tested one of the most important assumptions underlying application of an accelerometer: that the output itself reflects energy expenditure associated with bodily movement accumulated through physical activity.
For every volition is accompanied by an expectation or belief, that the bodily movement wished will immediately follow the wish.
By subduing the distress signals, the mind is more able to handle the activity which can then translate into more aggressive bodily movement.
Reed and Kenneth Goldsmith, and this part discusses the performative, visual and auditory qualities of sound poetry, signification of bodily movement in performance, and the influences that recording technologies made on "lyric voices.
Their principal concern was that he was unable to show, by facial expression or bodily movement, when he was in pain during the stressful treatment he had to undergo, including regular "suctioning" of his airways to remove fluid.
The DVD is especially relevant since ASL relies heavily on changes in bodily movement and facial expressions to convey emotion emphasis and other aspects of language.
23) Gifford describes Stephen's "souped-up (Canting Academy) version" (62), but, crucially, the differences between Stephen's piece and Hyde's translation (which is, of course, a pre-existing folk song) partially relate to bodily movement.
To put it roughly, the internal part is the reason which explains the action and the external part is a bodily movement caused by the reason.
We hope that those who begin with a little activity--using gaming systems that require bodily movement and effort--will start to feel better and want to exercise more in the real world, too.
This first English-language monograph on the topic deals with Kleist, Hoffmann, and Heine, and explores how each understood and represented the relationship between writing and bodily movement.
The badge goes into sleep mode when the sensor detects that the badge has been taken off a live person, but is kept "awake" by muscle tremor, gross bodily movement, or even vibration from the pulse.
It is a place where speech, timbre, and pitch connect with percussion, rhythm, and bodily movement, a place where North American language was modified without being fundamentally changed.
10), does consider the subject of embodiment across confessional lines, but notes the Evangelical disdain for dance and bodily movement in contrast to the Catholic use of ritual dance in Bolivian popular piety.