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Assault with bodily fluids poses a health risk for the employees because of the potential for spreading diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS, Damato said.
One of these pending US applications deals with the consolidation, interpretation and presentation of data from bodily fluid analyzers.
One of these pending applications address the consolidation, interpretation and presentation of data from bodily fluid analyzers.
When a bodily fluid spill occurs, you don't have time to think about which products and supplies are safe or even appropriate - your main focus is to get it cleaned up quickly.
It was the first study to look for the presence of bodily fluids outside the home.
And although the bodies of both Jesus and Mary were believed to have ascended into heaven, that did not stop medieval enterpreneurs from displaying excess bodily fluids such as Jesus' blood or Mary's milk as well as Jesus' milkteeth and foreskin.
The concept requires workers to treat all blood and various other bodily fluids as if infected with HIV, hepatitis B virus, and other bloodborne pathogens.
The ticks were identified to species and lab samples were prepared by crushing individual ticks and extracting DNA from tissue and bodily fluids.
SHE smokes, she drinks and she's been unfortunate enough to have exchanged bodily fluids with Fred Durst.
SARS is primarily spread by close contact with infected people, direct contact with ejected droplets of infected bodily fluids through sneezing or hand contact with infected settled droplets on furniture and fixture surfaces.
Collectively titled "Ghost Drawings," 2004, these fluid scripts rendered in bright yellow paint are like lyrical graffiti by some unearthly creature, finger-painting in its own luminous bodily fluids on subjects ranging from the fantastic to the utterly insane: WE SAW TURNER, reads one; I AM FROM THE SUN, continues another; I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR MOTHER NORMAN, offers a third.
Like ``Wedding Crashers,'' ``Virgin'' is essentially a chick flick awash in bodily fluids.
Sidransky is certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology by the American Board of Medicine and is best known for his pioneering efforts in molecular detection approaches based on the identification of genetic changes in many bodily fluids.
Often times there is blood, and other bodily fluids left over by the victim.
Taking on another myth, that the Cherokee aversion to menstrual blood proves the subjugated status of women, Perdue points out that Cherokees' belief in balance maintained that bodily fluids belonged inside the body rather than outside.