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Four high school students in Winchester, Connecticut, were arrested Monday for distributing what police believe were cupcakes containing bodily fluids at the school last year, according to reports.
Dave Bellini, a 27-year correctional employee, said being hit with bodily fluids is worse than being punched.
* a second raised area located in the front extension for directing the bodily fluid;
The trocars are designed to wipe bodily fluid or debris from the endoscope shaft and draw the fluid through wicking channels out radially towards the absorbent ring.
Chiron Corporation (Emeryville, CA) has patented methods for obtaining measurable levels of a protein, nucleic acid molecule, or enzymatic product in a bodily fluid or cells of a human, comprising the step of administering to a human a recombinant retroviral preparation having a titer on HT1080 cells of greater than 10.sup.5 cfu/ml, wherein the recombinant retroviral preparation is capable of directing the expression of a protein, nucleic acid molecule, or enzyme which generates an enzymatic product, such that measurable levels of the protein, nucleic acid molecule, or enzymatic product may be obtained in the bodily fluid or cells of the human.
To improve the safety and economics of J bodily fluid disposal, a medical supply company has developed two portable collection units: the High Fluid Cart and the Safety Station.
Liman handles his large ensemble by playing out the events of a 24-hour period from three alternative viewpoints in succession, and finding different tones for each of the parts helps with the difficult juggling act of humour and grim, warts-and-all, bodily fluid reality.
Staff claim domestic washing machines are not capable of ensuring an infection carried on their uniforms from bodily fluid splashes is destroyed.
Some HIV-positive individuals may produce antibodies to the AIDS virus in one bodily fluid but not another, occasionally enabling the virus to evade detection by a single procedure, researchers at Calypte Biomedical Corp.
This spill pad is ideal for use anywhere fluids need to be contained, including bed pans, bodily fluid spills, chemical spills and irrigation containment.
If there is bodily fluid from a decomposing corpse it is almost impossible to come up with an innocent explanation."
A pad designed to absorb bodily fluid was patented.
Quicksorb is ideal for use anywhere fluids need to be contained such as bed pans, bodily fluid and chemical spills, and can be used intraoperatively as well.