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Synonyms for bodiless

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Synonyms for bodiless

not having a material body

having no trunk or main part


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In order for Milton to maintain the unnaturalness of hands in print culture -- and hence justify the excision of licensing hands -- he must maintain as discrete categories the bodiless author who prints his mind, and the licensor with "overseeing fist." Milton's rhetorical strategy therefore requires that he suppress the author's production of a manuscript.
Does Zack reveal the true nature of religion, at least American religio-ideology, that its goal is for human beings to become Zack, who, once infected by patriotic religious fervor, can then become bodiless, emotionless, voiceless, and unable to think for themselves?
Quentin creates a black man out of the bodiless abstraction called "Charles Bon" in order to supply his story with a plausible conclusion outside of the precarious sphere of homosexual desire.
Her self-critical and saddening study is still refreshingly down-to-earth, amid the frequently pedantic and bodiless rhetoric of other contributors.
Recent theoretical work has examined the ways that the abstract idea of the bodiless citizen has marked women and non-white Americans as outside the boundaries of full citizenship, because the attention paid to the various markings of gender or race on their bodies precludes them from being categorized as the unmarked, representative norm.
In the midst of yet another period of utopia without history--from the cyberenthusiastic embracing of bodiless existence to bodiless reproduction or bodiless globalization--Garber's reflections on early modern German literature provide the reader with a sense of deja vu, that might prove central to utopia itself.
We might long for an ethereal, bodiless, heavenly spirituality, free of the messiness, tears and mortality of bodies.
And since the conversations of her bodiless, godlike visitors are included in the second part of the book, even the reader gets something out of her spiritual experience.
By the fifth century, one began to see a corpus affixed to the cross, but Christian artists only slowly learned to fix bodies on the cross; usually the cross was bodiless and highly adorned to show the cross not as an instrument of shame but as a vehicle for salvation.
Not one but a dozen bodiless crawling hands and assorted unconnected limbs fill the absence of chorus boys, a strained, campy bit of choreography that misses the mark of an intended Bushy Berkeley spoof.
Just as Delany himself wanders through Venice and the twisting canals of literature and knowledge, his originally bodiless alien characters wander an Earth littered with the ruins of human civilization and permeated with its history and myths.
One by one Hamlet removes costumes (designed by Frida Parmeggiani) from a large theatrical trunk - exquisite, bodiless garments, representing the dramatis personae of Hamlet's memory play.
Christianity has never been able to honestly deal with sex, because it belongs to the natural realm and Christianity imagines us as transcending our natural selves, becoming like God up in heaven who's sexless and bodiless. "Turn the other cheek" does not deal with the innateness of aggression.
Worthen also argues that the 'bodiless' relationship offered by Jessie Chambers, 'which encouraged the self-conscious, detached and observing self to remain within its enclosing envelope', was always a dangerous temptation to Lawrence.
Sanford Biggers's art fixates on recurring symbols--trees, carnival, musicians, and a bodiless smile that is part minstrel, part Cheshire cat, and part logo for a conglomerate whose name might be "history." Two concurrent exhibitions with works spanning 2002 to the present explored these emblems vis-a-vis legacies of violence that constrain the powers and desires of black men.