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Surely, someone likeMr Sheerman, who is involved in passing laws that the rest of us have to abide by, can see that even a bodged system would not be so shoddy as to seem to permit the forging of tenancy documents and invoices to claim more than pounds 20,000 of false expenses?
Mr Zakeri had told the tribunal that, in October 2007, repairs to vandalised cable on the track between Hebburn and Jarrow had to be "bodged" because engineers did not have any jelly crimps, used to connect wires together.
Strange how massive potholes on Tile Hill Lane and Charter Avenue, have been bodged and failed.
He had been dropped on 89 when he pulled Oliver Newby skyward and Glen Chapple bodged the catch at mid-on, after appearing to be unsighted by the sun.
Throughout my years as an electrician I have experienced many bodged jobs at the hands of cowboy tradesmen, who unfortunately can undermine the great work that us reputable tradesmen are doing on a day-to-day basis.
At the root of this rather bodged solution is the Government's closure of regional development agencies in 2012.
TWO children died during a family holiday to Corfu because of a "bodged and botched" boiler, an inquest has heard.
The most commonly bodged jobs include badly hammered nails into walls (29 per cent).
RockandaHardPlace I sense an epidemic of bodged repairs that will crumble and break away next winter, or even later this year.
The new dual role was "as clear as crystal", not bodged, he insisted on BBC1's Politics Show on June 15, 2003.
SIR - I share the concerns raised by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (Cymru) over the rushed and bodged reforms to Disability Living Allowance, and would urge people to write to their Member of Parliament - especially those Conservative and Lib Dem MPs who are implementing these proposals.
His government has a very wide definition of this term, judging by the way their anti-terrorist laws seem to be implemented; invariably causing unnecessary trauma and outrage to those on the receiving end, and exacerbating a usually bodged operation by causing those around to become disenchanted from government and officialdom.
McGrath dropped a simple skier from Ian Bell which would have left England 33 for four and also bodged a run-out when Andrew Flintoff was in single figures.
The sleazy surgeon rushes an operation on a bodged tummy tuck victim in order to be able to get his hands on pole dancer Savanna's heart.
TWO children on a family holiday to Corfu died because of a "bodged" boiler, an inquest was told.